Top Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway To Set The Record Straight In New Memoir

After many books from Trump detractors purporting to tell the “real story” about the Trump presidency, the other side may finally get a hearing with former top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s upcoming memoir.

Her new book, ‘Here’s The Deal’ will be out on May 24.

Conway’s publisher says the book, “takes the reader inside Kellyanne’s own house, on her own terms.”

For those that followed Trump closely, they know that Conway wasn’t just battling the establishment and the swamp from inside the White House, but also in her own house. 

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The Road To The White House

Conway, a Republican pollster for many years who initially backed Senator Ted Cruz in 2016, was an old friend. She eventually made the switch to the Trump campaign and rose through the ranks to become Donald Trump’s campaign manager, and became the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign all the way to the White House.

But while battling a hostile press and the Washington machine is pretty standard fare as far as the life of a politico goes, Conway also dealt with her husband, George Conway, being one of the most prominent anti-Trump critics – even launching his own group to try to take down his wife’s boss.

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Washington takes its toll on the family

George Conway was instrumental in starting The Lincoln Project, a group of neoconservatives and “Never Trumpers” whose main activity was fighting back against Trump’s massive base.

George Conway even went so far as to write a scathing Op-ed in the Washington Post in May of 2020 as COVID-19 was spreading throughout the nation and Trump’s response to it. 

Claudia Conway (15 years old) began sharing details of her personal life via social media. Kellyanne decided that she wanted to leave the White House and George was asked to take a break from The Lincoln Project. They both said that it was to be more focused on their families.

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She speaks in her own words

Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday made a statement to the Associated Press about her upcoming memoir: “I’d made a career out of calling things as I saw them, with no notes in front of me and no net beneath me. I brought that same approach to this book, which should engage, engross and entertain plenty of people.”

The Associated Press has also reported that Simon & Schuster employees are less than happy about the book deal for Conway and another with former Vice President Mike Pence.