New Draft Article, “Focusing the CFAA in Van Buren”

The new article I posted, “Focusing CFAA in,” has been updated. Van Buren” The forthcoming issue of the Supreme Court Review. It’s about the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Van Buren v. United States.  This article, which is 29 pages long, falls within the law review standard. It’s therefore not a lengthy read.

This is the summary:

Van Buren v. United States2021 is the first United States Supreme Court decision interpreting the Federal Computer Crime Law, also known as Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This article provides an overview of this decision, and the significance it has for the debates about the CFAA. It is analogous Van BurenTo partially focus a lens. The Court’s opinion helps us to see landmarks previously obscured. However, it does not focus on important details and leaves them unclear for future cases. This also supports the argument that Van Burens argument supports an authentication-based understanding CFAA liabilities.

It is the first draft. Comments are welcome.  There is no need to make corrections for typos, omissions, and similar errors, though substantive criticisms and comments are always welcome.  Send them to orin [at] berkeley [dot] edu. Thanks!