Tucker Carlson Demands Answers: ‘Who Benefits From War Against Russia?’

As tensions in Eastern Europe continue to escalate, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced on Monday that 8,500 U.S. troops have been placed on “heightened alertness to deploy.”

NATO also announced that it would be sending more ships and fighter jets to the region as a counter to what the West has described as a Russian buildup on Ukraine’s border.

From President Joe Biden to Vice-President Kamala Harris, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, U.S. officials have become increasingly vocal about the matter and warned of serious consequences.

But Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson asked the questions no one else in the major media, or Congress, seems to be asking: “Who benefits from going to war with Russia?”

Tucker explored this purpose over the course of the last night. Is Ukraine’s border really a pressing national security concern for America? 

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Why Ukraine?

While it might be odd for American politicians to become so obsessed with the Ukraine border when there is no real interest in their border right here in the U.S., that border is an absolute disaster. We have seen record breaking failures at our homefront. 

Tucker wanted to find out why and stated this Friday. 

“A bipartisan coalition of neocons in Washington has been recklessly stoking conflict between those two countries for years now. The foreign policy establishment in Washington has actually sent weapons worth hundreds of million to one the most volatile parts of the globe in an attempt at causing chaos. Their wish appears to have been granted. That explosion looks like it’s on its way, and it could very easily suck the United States into the center of it. 

“We’re really going to fight a war over some corrupt Eastern European country that is strategically irrelevant to us? With everything else that’s going on right now in our own country? It’s something that no normal person would want. How can it really happen?”

Tucker has this to say about how grave the situation is: 

“And to be clear, we’re talking about an actual war here. Not a protracted series of airstrikes against some impoverished dirt patch they’re telling you is an existential threat to the nation. Russia is not an island. Russia boasts nuclear weapons as well as a strong army. It is not an absurd idea to wage war against Russia. It won’t be over in a week.”

Indeed. It’s unclear whether the political class in Washington has thought this through. After the Afghanistan disaster, it may seem strange to believe that they’re ready to get back in. 

If you are curious about how confident and casually they act, then watch Kamala Harris declare war on the nation. 

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Our Enemies Benefit

Tucker explored the issue again last night. Tucker found one country who will be most benefitted if America is broke and gets bogged down by another war. 

Here’s how America was damaged: 

“The fact is, Ukraine is strategically irrelevant to the United States. It is impossible for anyone to defend the war against Russia in Ukraine. No one believes that a war with Russia would make America stronger, more secure or more successful. Take a moment to look at America’s economy. A workforce that is in chaos and dangerous levels of inflation. In case you haven’t noticed, financial markets can swing wild and chaotic. 

“Well, joining a conflict in Eastern Europe fix any of that? Let’s not forget it. It’s not true. It’ll make it worse. If the neocons aren’t restrained, and soon, Americans are going to be a lot poorer.”

Who benefits? China – who is just itching to knock America off her pedestal as the world’s sole superpower:

“But what’s not at all complicated is who benefits from our conflict with Russia. China benefits, period. This is where the Chinese government stands out as the clear winner. There are many examples that can be given to show this. But, consider the most recent economic sanctions proposed by the White House against Russia. 

“The Biden administration may use something called the foreign direct product rule to cut off Russia’s supply of semiconductors made with American technology. This would, in the hopeful assessment of The Washington Post “Potentially deprive Russian citizens of some smartphones, tablets and video game consoles.”

“So depriving Russian citizens is good, we’re told, because Russian citizens are bad. But what about the long-term consequences for us? Russians still will have smartphones. They’ll just get their components somewhere else, meaning from China. The Chinese have already pledged to help, and they have every incentive to make good on that promise.”

If Russia and China were able to work together to supplant the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve currency? Chaos. 

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Follow The Money?

According to many skeptical scientists, on the day of wars who is in favor? Tucker also asked this question. 

“Polls show that most Americans are completely opposed to fighting Russia over Ukraine because they’re not demented. But you know who’s very much in favor of it? Well, defense contractors, including Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin’s former employer, Raytheon.

“For defense contractors, war means massive profits by definition. In just the last few years, the U.S. has spent more than $2 billion on military aid to this nation called Ukraine that most people couldn’t identify on a map.”

Tucker also examined WhoPromoting war is an example. Here are a few. 

On January 18, Politico ran a story entitled, “Psaki: ‘Russia could at any point launch an attack in Ukraine.” A closer look at the story tells the actual story.

Under the “Politico” banner, it’s revealed that the article pushing for war has been sponsored by none other than the weapons manufacturer Lockheed-Martin. 

A Washington Post opinion piece dated January 20 entitled, “Biden must show that the U.S. stands ready to support Ukraine, militarily if necessary.” The story was written by Michael Vickers.

The article includes a brief biography about Vickers. It does not mention that Vickers is a member of the Board at BAE Systems.

Whether you agree with Tucker’s view on the matter, or his conclusions, we should all be wondering why, in the age of 24/7 media coverage, there seems to be only a single person on a single network asking these questions.