L.A. Schools Will Require Non-Cloth Masks (Even for Sports) and Vaccination Next Year

Los Angeles Unified school District (LAUSD), is going to be more strict with COVID-19 mitigation. The nation’s second-largest district of public schools will require students to use non-cloth nose wires, while playing outside or doing other activities.

L.A. plans to make all students vaccinated by January 2023.

Last week, the website of the district was updated with the new mask policy. It states that  “masking will be required at all times, indoors and outdoors. All students must wear a well-fitting non-cloth mask with a nosewire. The surgical grade masks will be required for staff.

The policy includes no exceptions—and no acknowledgment that masks have proven to be disruptive to various educational, social, and physical activities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has acknowledged that masks can make reading more challenging for children. It was only a few months ago that this issue had been addressed. the CDC quietly revised its masking guidanceThese students were encouraged to wear transparent or cloth masks by schools.

Other students have found it hard to participate in sport and exercise while still wearing masks. In these situations, it is absurd to expect young people to continue to use masks when they are outside of school. Even in high COVID-19 safe cities, there is virtually no expectation people will wear masks outdoors. The requirements for active, continuous masking by the relevant authorities are not only for students.

Randi Weingarten, President of American Federation of Teachers, knows that it is difficult to comprehend what someone wearing a mask says. She removed her mask to make sure she could be heard at the conference in November.

Students might find it difficult to hear their teacher or fellow classmates in certain situations. There are reasonsLenore Skenazy, a journalist covering seventh-grade health care in the United States interviewed an eighth grader about how the restrictions of pandemics have affected her students. She said that one issue that hindered their communication was masks.

However, non-clothed masks aren’t the only problem facing L.A. schools. After previously delaying implementation due to widespread resistance, the district now has tentative plans for implementing a mandate for vaccines starting next year. Legislation proposed by state Sen. Richard Pan (D–Sacramento) would require students All It is the responsibility of every state to be immunized. The bill extends on a prior mandate and removes exemptions for “personal belief”.

He stated that legislators have the power to pass legislation to improve safety in our communities, and to increase vaccination rates so schools can remain open.

However, young people are generally protected from severe illness and death caused by COVID-19. Although many students choose to be vaccinated, there are some situations where other family members might not agree.

Mandating that all students get the vaccine effectively takes this choice away from families, since the alternative—permanent remote education—is not acceptable for many kids. This is what California’s public school system has done in California, and other states, to eliminate choice. Contrary to many parents’ wishes and practical considerations, the government decided that vaxxing students was necessary. masked.

School choice is the best solution. Parents should not be forced to accept these policies. They can take any public funds available for their children and use it to fund an education option that meets their educational needs. Some families may choose to go to a school that offers the following: Strenger COVID-19 mitigation policies. However, the family should make the final decision and not the government.

While this week is National School Choice Week (NSCW), the two-year-long story of how the public education system failed to manage the COVID-19 epidemic in a way that allowed kids to attend school shows why such a policy shift is so urgently needed. It is up to parents to get their children vaccinated. They should also do it if they wish to have their kids attend schools that use masks. However, parents with millions of children have the right to opt for a different school.