Report: Multiple Senate Democrats Seeking To Push ‘Illegitimate’ Election Narrative

The Hill reports that several Senate Democrats might push a narrative that suggests the midterm elections in 2022 are invalidated by Republican opposition to their national voting bill. 

According to the latest reports, lawmakers work in concert with media outlets to tell the story.

“Democrats believe there’s plenty of evidence that Republicans are trying to steal future elections and feel bolstered by extensive reporting by CNN, NBC and other media outlets on the state-level machinations of Trump allies,” according to The Hill.

While the majority party tried for some time to paint GOP efforts in protecting red state election integrity as an attack on future elections, critics claim that the state’s efforts will improve election security and reverse the temporary changes made during the pandemic.

The legislation proposed by Democrats would allow mail-in voting to expand, give federal control over elections and make it easier for voters to identify themselves.

They witnessed what worked during the pandemic which led to 81,000,000 votes for President Biden and they want to continue that trend.

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Democrats push for illegitimate and stolen election narrative

The latest report indicates Democrats are a bit leery of pushing an illegitimate or stolen election narrative due to the fact they’ve been persecuting former President Donald Trump for similar unproven claims for over a year.

Despite having pilloried Trump for such talk, several lawmakers are cited as willing to pursue the new ‘illegitimate election’ strategy.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is quoted as saying state-level election laws enacted recently “are intended to seat people who lost the election.”

“I’m very worried the changes in these laws will ultimately result in a loser being declared a winner,” he continued.

“If you start having local or state certification agents start overruling actual votes. That’s when things quickly move into the illegitimacy area,” Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) told the outlet.

The column also notes that Senators Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Mark Kelly (D-AZ) have made similar assertions about the legitimacy of their future “tough races.”

On the contrary, according to Joe Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project, the Georgia election law “is not regressive or restrictive” and in fact, “is a lot more progressive than what’s in the blue states.”

And in Arizona, the conservative-leaning Heritage Foundation insists election laws there will “strengthen the integrity of the electoral process and safeguard the votes of Arizonans.”

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Don’t Want to Sound Like Trump

Ironically, some Democrats according to the report don’t want to sound like former President Trump, who has cast doubt – without evidence – on the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election since day one.

“Some are leery of sounding like Trump, who made predictions of widespread election fraud before the 2020 presidential election and continues to do so on a regular basis,” according to The Hill.

They add, “The senators are torn over how hard to push a stolen-election narrative ahead of the November election in which Republicans are expected to make big gains in Congress.”

All those assertions that the very fabric of our democracy is in peril due to Trump’s unfounded complaints and Democrats have decided … ‘Let’s do the same damn thing.’

It’s definitely a coordinated effort with the aforementioned lead of the media and President Biden’s own comments last week that midterm election results could be “illegitimate.”

When Biden was asked by a reporter if he believed that we would hold free and fair elections 2022, he planted conspiracy seeds.

“Oh, yeah,” he replied. “I think it easily could be illegitimate.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to clarify those remarks saying, “He absolutely is not predicting that the 2022 elections will be illegitimate.”