Rand Paul Says Its ‘Medical Malpractice To Force Vaccines On Children’

Rand Paul, Senator of Kentucky warned Friday that mandated vaccines for certain age groups may come back to haunt institutions due to the risk involved in these age groups.

Sen. Paul made his remarks during an interview on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

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Rand Paul Says ‘It’s Medical Malpractice’

Paul even said some of the mandates amount to “medical malpractice.”

“I believe it’s medical malpractice to force vaccines on children, particularly adolescent males,” Paul told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham. “We now have the scientific evidence that shows the risk of myocarditis for young males is greater for the vaccine than it is for the disease.”

“We also know that the disease — the death rate is closer to one in a million,” Paul said. “We also know that the more you get the vaccine, the higher your risk of myocarditis.”

The senator continued, “So 90% of the myocarditis came with a second vaccine. What do you think it happens when you give them a third vaccine?”

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Liability Associated with Vaccines

“I think universities like Chicago, Princeton, Yale, that are mandating young males get a third vaccine, I think they’re going to be open to liability if any of these boys, these young men or women get myocarditis, and God forbid dies, they’re going to be open to liability because they’re going against the science,” Paul added.

The potential liabilities were then addressed by the libertarian senator.

“But you have such left-wing academics whose heads are in the sand and just to go, Dr. Fauci wants us to do it, we should do it,” Paul warned. “They’re not thinking about this, but they’re going to be open to big-time liability for forcing this vaccine on kids.”