CNN’s Anderson Cooper Calls Reported Trump Draft Order To Seize Voting Machines ‘Bats***’

On Friday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper called a reported executive order draft supposedly asked for by former President Donald Trump for the Pentagon to seize voting machines after the 2020 election, “bats***.”

The CNN host made his comments during a discussion on his show “Anderson Cooper 360.”

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Cooper: ‘Can you imagine that?’

Cooper said, “Consider waking up one morning back in December of 2020 to this. The former president ordering the military to seize voting machines, empowering the Defense Department to decide whether the election he just lost was fair or not.”

“Also, direct from the Justice Department to name a special counsel to oversee this effort, including the prosecution of potential election-related crimes which his outgoing attorney general, as you may remember, had just said were inconsequential, if not nonexistent,” Cooper said.

He continued, “Now, those chilling items all the stuff of coups and autocratic countries are contained in a draft executive order which was obtained by Politico and appears to be part of the massive batch of documents now in the hands of the House Select Committee on January 6th. The committee says it now has all the White House records that the former president tried in court to keep secret.”

Citing Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, “Now, with him, Sidney Powell and a businessman named Patrick Byrne, who blogged about the meeting, I’m quoting him now, ‘I spoke up again, Mr. President. I think you should appoint Sidney Powell your special counsel on these election matters and make Gen. Flynn your field marshal over the whole effort.’”

Cooper expressed his disbelief at the report.

Session complete:

“Can you imagine that?” Cooper said. “Wow, Sidney Powell, special counsel, Gen. Flynn, field marshal. He would probably get to wear a uniform that he could design himself or maybe his son.”

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Cooper: ‘It’s just bats***’

“Back to the draft order,” Cooper went on. “Item seven calls for appointment of quote ‘a special counsel to oversee this operation, institute all criminal and civil proceedings as appropriate, based on the evidence collected, and provided all resources necessary to carry out her duties, consistent with federal laws and the Constitution.’”

Cooper spoke out brutally about what he thought.

“So, they’re using legalese language, but this is just, it’s just bats***,” Cooper said forthright. “Excuse me, I actually didn’t mean to say that. It is. It’s insane.”