Boston Business Guide: How Local Businesses Are Dealing with COVID in 2022

The Boston Business Guide is a new way to help Boston’s local businesses thrive. Here we will share ways how Boston businesses are dealing with COVID in 2022 and not going down without a fight!

COVID Compliant Security System

In order to keep Boston safe from the dangers of cyber hacking, some Boston banks have decided to implement COVID compliant security systems that include everything from fingerprint or iris scans to voice-based password authentication. Although this is quite burdensome for both business owners and customers, it has been proven as a necessary step in order to stay on top of cyber crime.


Boston has begun trade with other cities that do not have COVID in an effort to keep the local Boston economy alive and thriving. Many Boston companies are also connected with different organizations in order to make these trades happen. Some Boston businesses, such as restaurants, might offer a special discount on certain days for those who present their COVID cards when paying.


Boston tech startups are investing massive amounts of money into developing new technologies that will help Boston business owners quickly collect data about their customers and employees so that these individuals can be monitored at all times. This would save both time and money for Boston businesses.


Boston bartering has grown increasingly popular among Boston business owners who are trying to make up for their loss of sales due to COVID compliance and the rise in the cost of living in Boston. Boston bartering is now a great way for Boston business owners to enjoy the Boston nightlife without having to pay for their Boston dining or Boston shopping using COVID.

Smartphone App

Boston has also begun promoting an app that Bostonians can use to help Boston businesses transition into COVID compliance. This Boston app helps Boston citizens find the nearest COVID compliant ATM, restaurant, and office space so they never have to worry about where they will be able to eat lunch or deposit money again!

Safe Browsing

The Department of Public Safety in Boston is working hard to ensure Boston citizens are using safe browsing practices on their smartphones and computers because if anyone is found doing anything unsafe such as downloading music illegally or trying to watch TV shows for free online, then this persons information can be shared with business owners who might not be currently COVID compliant. This application is Boston’s latest attempt at ridding Boston of COVID non-compliant individuals.


Massachusetts has now made it legal for Boston business owners to fire any Boston employee who is not COVID compliant as long as two weeks’ notice is given and the employer provides all necessary resources such as financial support and COVID training courses. Although this might seem like an unfair way to make up for Boston businesses struggling with COVID compliance, it does give Bostonians a chance to learn about COVID and hopefully become more COVID compliant if they want to keep their job!

Overall, Boston local businesses have found multiple new ways to help Boston citizens and their employees stay compliant with COVID legislation. Boston business owners are also working hard to ensure Boston becomes a safe place for everyone through information technology and by keeping a close eye on Boston citizens who do not yet carry COVID cards. Boston is one of the many cities in the US that will have fully transitioned into being COVID compliant by 2022! 

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