Two Years Without Twitter

My Twitter account was taken offline on January 22, 2020. Just before my New York Times op ed was published, I decided to take a short break from Twitter. (Remember the first ?!). impeachment? It was hard to know the length of my exile, nor if I would be able to keep it up.

It’s been two years since I stopped using Twitter. Links to my posts are still posted. A friend will send me a link and I’ll click it. Sometimes I use direct messaging. I do not use the direct messaging feature. NeverScroll through the timeline. Scroll down to see the timeline. Never My notifications are available here. I don’t know if anyone has @’d my work in the past year. My work is not screen-shotted to be subtweeted. Some people may find it encouraging to tweet me, as I don’t respond. These people have more power.

When I celebrated my first year on Twitter, I made these comments:

In retrospect, Twitter was the perfect time for me to quit. I didn’t get to the Senate impeachment trials. The pandemic was missed by me. I missed Blue June. The summer’s racial injustice marches were missed by me. The election was missed by me. I was not able to attend the election litigation. Jan 6, 2021 was missed by me. But I was still able to keep myself informed. It made me feel happier and healthier. Also, I am able to spend more of my time. It is possible to save many hours each week, which I think would be better used elsewhere.

The events of the past year have been, thankfully. It was almost over with the impeachment trial. The Biden administration was refreshingly dull. We are stuck in a pandemic and the Supreme Court continues to decide COVID cases. Perhaps we will be back in regular order next year.

Try to stop using Twitter. You should stop checking your timeline. You should stop checking your notifications. It will all continue. The terrible cesspool can be avoided.