The Right to Defy Criminal Demands: Negligence and Ransom Demands

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The ransom request is directly linked to a robber’s demand that he “give me the money or you’ll kill/rape/injure any coworker/customer” Surprisingly though, no caselaw exists regarding whether or not an employer is liable to pay ransom to an employee who has been kidnapped. It is not clear whether ransom must be paid by a company if hackers attempt to hack into the computers of customers. If the defendants were reasonable in protecting employees and their computers from hackers, then the company doesn’t have to pay ransom. However, the fact that hacking occurred despite reasonable care.

The logic behind the Kentucky Fried Chicken Decision suggests that the ransom demanded target would not have to agree. The concern is that the ransom demand target would not have to comply with it.[r]In ransom cases, it may not be appropriate to recognize a duty of compliance with an illegal demand as this would encourage similar illicit conduct.”

The typical fast-food restaurant robber may not be able to balance risk and benefit, or may not know the legal requirements that these businesses face. However, ransomware hackers and kidnappers tend to be more sophisticated planners so offering ransom payment may encourage such criminal acts.

Ransom payments are outlawed in some countries. The FBI Director also urged businesses to cease paying ransom payments to hackers. Even though ransom payments may not be legal, they shouldn’t be required by law.

Ransom payments can be used to fund future criminal acts, such as terrorism, if these crimes are perpetrated by criminal organisations. If ransoms are paid to organizations that are under various sanctions, they may be outlawed.

The ransom scenario and can also be distinguished by two additional points KFC These could point in different directions. Robberies can be described as the robbery of a person or property. KFCDissent said that “robbery encounters are stressful, unpredictable, and often fast-paced,” in which victims must decide on their actions and react quickly to the circumstances. It may be necessary to have more discretion in deciding which responses are appropriate given the situation. Maybe ransom demand target’s don’t need as much time to think. Ransom demand can also be made for many millions of dollars and not the small cash that is likely to be available at the bank. In the end, these differences shouldn’t be legal.