Flint Public Schools Extend Remote Learning Indefinitely

Flint public schools, Michigan, will keep remote learning at the same level indefinitely Flint Community SchoolsThis announcement was made Wednesday. This decision is reversed from last week’s announcement by Flint schools that they would reopen January 24. This would have marked the completion of the promised reopening. It also marks the end to three weeks of remote education that had followed the three-weeklong holiday break.

His first learning experience at home An announcementOn January 9, Flint Superintendent Kevelin James explained to parents that the reasons to keep remote learning alive was due to the high level of transmission of COVID-19 in the community.

Jones stated that safety and well-being of scholars, their families, teachers, and staff is our top priority. By shifting to distance education, we can reduce the spread COVID-19, while still providing continuity of education to our scholars. We also help them to focus on academic, social, and emotional growth.

He stated, “We know how difficult this is for families.” We deeply regret the inconvenience. In-person learning works best for scholars, we truly do.

In the following: January 12, Board of Education Meeting on virtual learning, Jones explained that “it is just not safe” to resume in-person school and that “we are going to be catching up, educationally, for a while anyway….We are going to have to catch up, but the world has not ended. Keep going, keep teaching.

Data shows that children have had to pay a high price for virtual learning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention StudyVirtual learning may have harmed children’s mental and physical health, as well as putting additional pressure on parents, and driving many to use alcohol or drugs. A McKinsey & Company ReportAccording to Flint’s school district, the learning time lost by remote students during the pandemic averaged 6.8 months. Black students suffered 10.3 months of learning losses, which is a significant statistic considering Flint’s school district. 74.2Black 99 percent