Bad Politicians Think Elections Are Illegitimate if They Don’t Like the Winner

While President Joe Biden may have met his low standard for this week’s rare press conference by not facing down into a pudcup, he did make a few remarks. eye-openersHis muddled performance. One was his claim that the midterm election in 2022 might not be legitimate if his party’s voter bill fails to pass. This was another reminder of the fact that Trump used to be able to accept any political outcome that went his way. If you are looking for relief from the questionable vote totals, do not hold your breath.

Biden was asked about possible disputed elections in this year’s election. first raisedThe danger that Republicans will lose their votes. He set his own terms for accepting results.

He said, “I am not going to claim it will be legit.” “It’s — the increase and the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these — these reforms passed.”

Biden is a strong supporter of the voting bill The same thing happened the next day.. Is he predicting that the midterm election will be rigged, even though he has not yet set up his preferred procedures? Another prominent Democrat, who questioned the validity of vote totals that produced unwelcome results, called “rigged.” Georgia’s gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams refused to concede to Brian Kemp the 2018 election.

“It is unacceptable that our democracy has been eroded,” she stated. AnnouncementIn 2018, she decided to drop her legal challenges because the law did not allow for any other viable remedies.

She said, “The game was rigged.” insistentNext year

It’s still not as dramatic, however. Riot and Invasion of the CapitolPolitical cultists who try to block the certification of presidential election results. Trump supporters did this on January 6, 2021. You can’t top this (at least not in the United States), for refusing the process to be respected unless you are competent. Although they didn’t achieve their goal, the former president also claimed that corrupt shenanigans were not dropped. On the second anniversary of the riot two weeks ago, the ex-president The legislators that investigated the day’s events were furious“discussing” the 2020 rigged Presidential Election is not an option.

Do Trump and Abrams have a shared public relations department? You decide!)

A refusal to accept election results is political temper tantrum. It doesn’t matter if it takes place in public or via sneering pronouncements. This frames legitimacy only as a win. They seem to find it working. Trump Keeps drawing the crowdsListen to his tales from the top office that Abrams stole, For her plan to run again, she wins plauditsGeorgia’s highest office.

In modern America, it is easy to dismiss the legitimacy and validity of elections.

Despite being disturbing, refusing to accept election results is not the end of normal challenges. Democrats are not happy with some decisions of the United States Supreme Court and propose to fill the bench with additional justices to ensure they win on legal hot topics.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D.Mass.): “With every move, the court demonstrates why it’s important for America to restore its faith in an independent judiciary dedicated to the rule of Law.” argued last monthThe court indicated that it could revisit the matter after showing signs. Roe V. Wade abortion rights decision. “To achieve that, Congress should use its constitutional power to increase the Supreme Court’s number of justices,”

Warren says that the notion of adding sympathetic justices is often referred to as “packing”, and it can be considered unsavory. However, Warren claims this doesn’t mean anything because these “concerns don’t reflect the gravity” of Republican control of the Supreme Court. She argues that packing can be acceptable if the appropriate people are involved. “This Supreme Court is at an all-time low in public opinion.”

True, approval of the Supreme Court was withdrawn. A new low of 41%Gallup says that this is the case. The highest number of respondents is Chief Justice John Roberts. AnyFederal official 60%. The court received a “record-low” 40% support overall. About twice the number of approvalsAmericans speak out for Warren and other lawmakers. Members of Congress who are unpopularThey aren’t going. ImproveThe standing of more respected justices is affected by a political-motivated court-packing scheme.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters are keeping their eyes on ballot boxes—literally in the case of the candidates who endorse the former president’s bogus claim of a stolen election and are vying for positions that put them in charge of counting votes.

CNN reports that Trump’s supporters are also seeking local elections posts. They even get down to precinct levels and seek to be more prominent in state GOP parties, state legislatures, and other roles ahead of 2024. NotedIn December. “In Michigan for example, several Republican members to the county canvassing board have stated that they won’t have certified 2020 elections and are now replacing those GOP members who did.

Before we can do a make-over, which few people desire (A rematch is feared by 70% of AmericansBiden and Trump), both major political groups have shown themselves to be ill-equipped to accept the outcomes of the process that aren’t in their favor. Republicans scream rejection loudly through lawsuits, riot, and bravado. The Democrats are quieter and deny the legitimacy of the system against them. They insist that institutions and rules be changed until they get the results they want.

Now, the President of the United States is joining his possible opponent and predecessor in denial. Biden’s insistence that midterm elections are illegitimate is a striking resemblance to Trump, which he says if the rules for conducting them don’t apply.

A system can be legitimate only if you win every time. That is not the basis of running functioning democracies where power moves around on a daily basis. This is what America’s political elites consider principle.