Starbucks Rescinds Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate 

Starbucks employees will not be required to have the COVID-19 vaccination. John Culver, Chief Operating Officer of Starbucks, informed his employees about the change in January 18th via a memo.

Following the Supreme Court’s Jan. 13 ruling in OSHA.A broad executive order that required 100-plus employees of private firms to vaccinate or have regular testing performed on them, was overturned by the Court.

Starbucks had placed a vaccination mandate on 228,000 U.S. workers You must comply with this executive order.  

Starbucks isn’t the only company updating its vaccination policies to comply with the Supreme Court decision. General Electric (GE) ExtinctLast week, it was mandated to administer vaccines. This company was Temporarily suspendThe policy was adopted after a lower court set aside the mandate of the Biden administration. It was then repealed completely after the decision.

Carhartt was a cothing producer. Maintaining a mandatefor the 5,500 staff. “The Carhartt mandatory vaccine program will not be affected by the ruling,”Mark Valade, chief executive officer explained the situation in a memo. “Carhartt is fully aware and respectful of the differing opinions on this topic and some of our associates are against this policy. Our decision is supported by us because we believe that vaccines are needed to protect our workforce.

It’s not surprising that these corporate decisions have caused both praise and condemnation. Some consumers have vowed to boycott companies for either upholding or abandoning their mandates. 

The science makes it clear that the COVID-19 vaccines make both hospitalization death from the virus far less likely. There are many reasons why the government should not force private businesses to comply with these mandates. It violates bodily autonomy as well as the rights of private employers. Most companies can’t eliminate applicants from the candidate pool if they have a labor shortage.