The Academic Freedom Podcast #10 on the University of Florida

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I speak with Raymond Issa of Florida, and Danaya Wing of University of Florida. The Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Freedom has published an interim report on the academic freedom problems being faced at UF. This committee was created in protest at attempts by the university to prevent professors from the department of political science being able to serve as experts witnesses in a lawsuit against the state regarding voting rights. According to the administration, providing this testimony would create a conflict with the interests of other branches of the state government and the university. Academic Freedom Alliance was one of the many groups that objected. However, the university ultimately agreed to make this change. This matter remains under litigation. This committee report includes details about that case as well as new information on instances where faculty were pressured into changing their behaviour in order to protect state politicians. It is still investigating. The podcast will discuss the current situation at University of Florida as well as the conclusions of the committee so far.

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