Report: Dozens Of Former Trump Officials Plot Efforts To Stop Trump In 2024

Nearly three dozen officials who worked in former President Donald Trump’s administration or orbit held a conference call last Monday to discuss ways to stop their old boss from trying to sway the midterms or winning himself in 2024.

CNN reported the conference call, in which more than 30 Trump officials participated.

The former White House Chief of Staff and Retired Marine General John Kelly were among those involved, as was Anthony Scaramucci (White House communications director), and Miles Taylor (ex-DHS chief of personnel).

It almost looks like it is a collection of former employees who are unhappy. 

Taylor, you may recall, lied about his position to publish an anonymous opinion piece in the New York Times bragging that he was “part of the resistance inside the Trump administration.”

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Kelly and Scaramucci had beefs, as did Scaramucci.

“Around three dozen former Trump administration officials, disillusioned with their former boss and concerned about his impact on the GOP and the nation, held a conference call last Monday to discuss efforts to fend off his efforts to … erode the democratic process,” CNN wrote.

Taylor says the group was “overflowing with ideas” on ways to stop Trump.

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Get Trump

Former Trump officials tried to stop Trump’s rise in 2024, and it was as absurd as anyone could have imagined.

Kelly, according to CNN, couldn’t be bothered with the entire hour-long conference call and instead was only able to “monitor” about 10 minutes of the conversation.

The network also noted that, despite Taylor’s insistence that they’re “overflowing with ideas,” participants weren’t exactly successful in planning a path forward on how to stop Trump in 2022 and 2024.

“The only items the group seemed to agree upon in its first meeting, however, were that they’re not sure what their way forward should be,” CNN explained.

Doesn’t that summarize the ‘Never Trump’ movement perfectly? There are no ideas. We’re bound by shared hate and sadness over Trump.

CNN adds that the group is “way behind the efforts of former President Donald Trump and his allies to set the stage for 2022, 2024, and beyond.”

Never the bride, always the bridesmaids

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The Lincoln Project: Better than The Lincoln Project

If you were under the impression that this cabal was pathetic, consider this – Even They managed to rip on another group of pathetic ‘Never Trumpers’ in the form of the Lincoln Project.

The Lincoln Project is an organization composed of an island of misfit toys, rejects from a bygone establishment Republican Party so far adrift that they’re indiscernible from the far-left.

You may recall that the group was so desperate to stop Glenn Youngkin from winning the governor’s race in Virginia, that they staged an incident using fake white nationalists holding little tiki torches outside one of his campaign busses.

CNN says that the new group is working hard to be different from the former group.

One participant on the conference call told the network, “This cannot just be a professional trolling operation, putting out ads like the Lincoln group.”

CNN adds that the latest band of former officials trying to stop Trump have “no name, membership, or specific goals as of now.”

“We’re still trying to figure out what it is” that we want to do, the aforementioned participant added.

A group of individuals who felt nothing else to do but share in a virtual hug in consolation for Trump’s eventual return to the political stage.