After Public Questions, Now House Select Committee Will ‘Formally’ Speak With Capitol Riot Figure Ray Epps

Ray Epps, a leader of the “Oath Keepers” group who was seen on video the day before the January 6 riot telling a crowd to go into the Capitol, is slated to finally sit for an official transcribed interview with the House select committee on Friday.

Epps is the subject of allegations, which are not supported by evidence that FBI informants or agents were present in the Capitol crowd to incite pro Trump protesters to riot against the building.

“Tomorrow, we need to get into the Capitol! Into the Capitol!” he is seen telling rallygoers in one video from the scene.

His comments prompted some around him to respond, “No,” before starting a chant of “Fed! Fed! Fed!”

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Ray Epps to Address the House Committee on Capitol Riot

Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican (R-TX), recently interrogated Jill Sanborn, FBI Executive Assistant Director for National Security. She wanted to know if agents of the FBI or confidential informants were involved in the Capitol riot on January 6.

Sanborn repeatedly declined to answer.

Cruz later discovered that Sanborn was referring to Epps.

“Miss Sanborn, was Ray Epps a fed?” Cruz asked.

“Sir, I cannot answer that question,” she replied.

Epps is one of three people who have been removed from the FBI’s Capitol Violence most wanted list without an explanation from authorities.

Many have wondered why no charges weren’t filed for his remarks, which were captured on video.

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He Said That They Have Already Talked to The Committee

Following Senator Cruz’s line of questioning which entered the case of Ray Epps into the congressional record, the House select committee was quick to issue a statement indicating they had already spoken to him and apparently took him at his word.

“The Select Committee has interviewed Mr. Epps,” they said in a statement.

“Mr. Epps informed us that he was not employed by, working with, or acting at the direction of any law enforcement agency on January 5th or 6th or at any other time, and that he has never been an informant for the FBI or any other law enforcement agency.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R.Illinois), an anti-Trump lawmaker, denied that Epps played any part in the Capitol riot.

“The narrative on Jan. 6 has been that it’s first Antifa, or patriots who love their country, maybe crisis actors, def false flag operatives, or now FBI agents,” Kinzinger wrote. “Take your pick. The truth is that they were just rioters who were incited by lies. They are not fed. Just another misled man.”

The fact that Ray Epps is now getting a formal interview, and the media is only now admitting that the first “meeting” was informal and wasn’t even transcribed, is interesting.

It also raises questions about Kinzinger’s comments, given he is a member of the committee. 

Journalist Glenn Greenwald blasted Kinzinger’s comments.

“So the definitive statements made by Adam Kinzinger swallowed by the media about how Ray Epps never worked with FBI were based not (on) sworn testimony but just ‘informal meetings’ with the Committee, and the denial was confined just to FBI, not all government agencies?” he tweeted.

Politico reported that Epps spoke informally to the panel about November, and said that he did not have any relationship with the FBI.

According to it, the panel seems to believe that Ray Epps case has been closed. 

“How about the one guy ‘go in, go in, get in there everybody’ — Epps — ‘get in there go go go,’” former President Donald Trump said at a rally over the weekend. “Nothing happens to him. He was the one who did it all. Nothing happens.”

Epps’ lawyer says he expects more details of his client’s involvement to become public soon after the interview with the committee on Friday.