The Democratic Party Is the President

Why? RoundtableMatt Welch (left), Katherine Manguward, Peter Suderman (right), and Nick Gillespie discuss COVID-19, their prediction for 2022, and the variant’s new COVID-19 variant.


1.32: Recollections about President Joe Biden’s Atlanta speech, and the presidency thus far.

31:26: Weekly Listener Question: I and my fellow social studies teachers have developed a unit on media literacy for seventh graders. However, it’s difficult to narrow down all the topics and skills that would fit into this area. Some things are too difficult for this age group, but we can tell the difference. It’s my curiosity to know what you all think are the most crucial topics or skills for a unit such as this.

43:38 Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, mask mandates

50:18: Media tips for this week. You can click here to view all media recommendations. Roundtable(Never forget about’s media suggestions.

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