How North Dakota Is More Like Windows than UNIX

A North Dakota Supreme Court decision in Re Yates (Jan. 6):

Amy Jo Yates and Shane Lance Yates applied to the district court for their respective names to be changed to “SHANE LANE YATES”, in all uppercase letters, and to “Shane Lance Yates”, and to “AMYJO YATES,” (in any uppercase letters), to “Amy Jo Yates.” The changes were requested to “terminate guardian-ward relationships and distinguish from other aliases. To correct any errors, confusions or mistakes that exist in relation to ALL CAPS STATE CREATED NAMES.” The district court denied the petitions … [in part on the grounds that] they did not seek to change from one name to another and the requested change would not affect any action or legal proceeding or other right, title, or interest, as was the stated purpose….

[T]According to the district court, Petitioners did not request a change of name. We agree with this decision. The Petitioners ask for a change of capitalization in their names. They want it to be changed from all capital letters, to the initial capital letters and then to lowercase letters. Petitioners did not provide any reasoned arguments or authority that would support the change in capitalization. The district court did not abuse its discretion in denying the petitions….