Having Fun with Law Review Prose

Everybody could use some laughter right now. Check out the tl:dr Papers website that makes scholarly writing second-grade. Although it was initially designed to be used in scientific abstracts, the tool can also be used to write law review articles. This is what I learned thanks to Professor Chad Oldfather. This is my abstract for “Tinder Lies”, transformed into:

Internet dating is a problem that has plagued many people. It’s easy for people to use their smartphones to meet new friends, but it is easier for them to pretend to be someone else. People lie about what age they are, their wealth, and even the type of person that they are.

Here is the “Secret Jurisdiction” version, my part with Cassandra Robertson.

A secret government list lists people that aren’t allowed to fly planes. You won’t know if your name is on this list and why. If you are on the list, you cannot fly in an airplane.