New Civil Liberties Alliance is Hiring

This announcement is from the New Civil Liberties Alliance. Two legal positions are needed by the organization.

The NCLA seeks a Senior Litigation counsel with at least 8 years experience. A second requirement is that the NCLA seeks a litigation counsel with at least four years’ experience.

NCLA seeks to recruit people with a keen intellect who love constitutional law and are sophisticated enough to have been judges or professors, but have instead developed litigation skills. Do you think that your skills are sufficient? You’re stuck in a job you don’t want to pursue your constitutional rights and protect freedom. This job may be right for you.

The goal of our organization is to find individuals who are available for hire immediately.  NCLA may consider hiring an experienced trial lawyer for this position if they are not familiar with administrative laws principles. However, we are especially interested in inviting academic- or other high-level counsel to help us navigate the most complex and difficult administrative and constitutional questions.

The NCLA is a leader in national legal discussions over judicial delegation doctrines. Lockdowns. Immunization mandates. Natural immunity. Speech bans. Mandates. Structural constitutional flaws. Delegation/divesting. Federal guidance. Lack of due process. Title IX Tribunals. Unconstitutional spending conditions.  To help judges see the illegality of agency governance, and restore constitutional limits to it, we need the best minds.

Further information is available at the NCLA Site. Materials in may be reached by email. One PDF document Debi Ghate, Steadfast’s assistant in the search: