Strikes on U.S. Troops Show the Need To Withdraw From Iraq and Syria

Multiple bases that house U.S. forces in Syria and Iraq were established just days after 2022 began. came under attack. Two drones were carrying explosives DefeatedThey were headed towards the U.S. soldiers in Iraq on Tuesday last week. On the next day, they were met with rockets and indirect firing. HitThere are bases in Syria and Western Iraq. Two drones carrying armed men were also shot down last Monday as they attempted to enter a building housing American advisors.

Although there weren’t any casualties in the attack, Iran-backed militias behind it have stated that they would. Continue. That alone should encourage the Biden administration to get American soldiers out of harm’s way—and if it doesn’t, the faulty justifications keeping troops in Iraq and Syria should.

These attacks last week highlight how the U.S.’s continued presence in Middle East threatens to make it more dangerous. Americans and Iran linked groups exchanged information Numerous attacksIn recent years, particularly After former President Donald Trump directed the assassination in January 2020 of Iranian General Qasem SOleimani. These skirmishes were the latest. According to the Associated Press the drones that were seen flying near Baghdad Airport were DecorationWith the words: “Soleimani’s revenge” or “revenge operations to our leaders.”

It is possible. [the increased frequency of attacks]Could be because of the Soleimani anniversary.” John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary, stated in a statement dated January 5, 2005. It is possible it may be connected to the mission change.

Although the change was promoted as significant, it was little more than a paper adjustment. Last summer, President Joe Biden declared that U.S. forces would remain in Iraq. ShiftingThe mission was non-combat and the American troops were focused on “training” and “advising” the Iraqi Security Forces. About 2,500 U.S. troops StayMarine Gen. Frank McKenzie says that the troops are currently in Iraq and will remain there until further notice.

Stand Together’s vice-president of foreign affairs Dan Caldwell is a Marine Veteran of the Iraq War who calls this “a change of mission”.A distinction without a differentiationHe stated that “an American presence in Iraq or Syria is not needed for our safety, nor to protect our vital national interest.” Caldwell also notes that our stated mission is “not required for our safety nor the protection of vital national interests.” [in Iraq]It is to equip and train the Iraqi Security Forces in order to defeat ISIS. ISIS is overthrown and Iraqi Security Forces have often been allied to militias that want to destroy American troops in Iraq.

In the meantime, approximately 900 U.S. soldiers are still stationedSyria. Officials from Biden say that a withdrawal is not likely to occur soon. The troops are also theoretically in place to combat the Islamic State. Effectively, defeatedIt was many years ago. Since 2019, neither Syria nor Iraq have been occupied by the Islamic State.

Gil Barndollar is a senior researcher at Catholic University’s Center for the Study of Statesmanship. He also served as a combat veteran of the Afghan war. The remaining anti-ISIS mission should be left to the Iraqi and Syrian troops.

Barndollar says that the United States must be ruthless in prioritizing where and when they deploy military forces overseas. “Even for low-risk advisory missions.

Caldwell claims that withdrawing from these two countries would save many lives and enable the United States and other nations to concentrate on their most urgent issues at home. He claims that withdrawals from Afghanistan were “more than justified”, despite chaos caused by the fall of the country to the Taliban. It is highly unlikely that the Islamic State will mount another resurgence in response to a U.S. withdrawal form Syria and Iraq. This should not be seen as an excuse. [continue]We will not risk American life in wars we don’t need to ensure our safety.

Biden stood firm to his guns in defense of the presidency. long-overdueHe withdraws the United States from Afghanistan but fails to do so for Syria and Iraq. Biden is the Afghan ambassador In August last year, there was a choice between leaving and escalating. Same applies in Syria and Iraq. In both of these countries, the U.S. is successful in its mission. American lives will be at stake if there are no boots on the ground.