Sinking Ship: CNN’s Ratings Plummet Nearly 90 Percent In Key Demographic

The new year got off to a bad start for CNN as the network’s ratings for the first week reveal a sharp 90% decline in the coveted 25-54 year old demographic as compared to last year.

CNN’s average viewership for January was 548,000, which is a lot lower than the 2.72 million viewers that were watching the show the week before.

Part of these numbers may be slightly skewed in that coverage of the Capitol riot the previous year certainly elevated viewer interest for a network that’s been obsessed with that day ever since.

Still, the Daily Mail reports that on the anniversary of January 6th, “viewers chose right-wing rival Fox” News for their coverage of the day’s events instead.

The outlet adds that CNN “saw an 86 percent decline in the much-desirable 25-to-54 demographic, with a paltry 113,000 tuned in last week.”

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Womp, womp. Looks like Build Back Better doesn’t apply to CNN’s viewership.

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CNN’s Ratings Are A Nightmare

The report goes on to note that CNN’s rating plunge might be due in part to the network being “plagued by high-profile scandals.”

Former anchor Chris Cuomo was fired following reports indicating he used media sources to track down information on his brother, disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s, sexual harassment accusers.

Don Lemon, a colleague who is currently an anchor on CNN, has been accused of sexual harassment.

Lemon also had correspondence to actor Jussie Stmollett. This was revealed when the actor was caught up in scandals where he choreographed and orchestrated a fake hate crime.

During testimony, Smollett said he received a text from Lemon supposedly warning him that the Chicago Police Department didn’t believe his account of what happened.

CNN has fired two producers over allegations of sex crimes involving underage children.

Rick Saleeby, a former senior producer for Jake Tapper’s ‘The Lead’ show, resigned from the network last month while another CNN senior producer, John Griffin, was recently arrested for sex crimes involving children.

And we haven’t even gotten to CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin who never got whacked by the network after being caught masturbating during a Zoom meeting with colleagues at the New Yorker.

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Perhaps Trump will save them?

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan recently suggested that CNN’s integrity and ratings are taking a hit because more popular individuals such as himself are beginning to call them out for ‘fake news.’

Rogan attacked Lemon specifically after the anchor attempted to double down on his criticisms of him using ivermectin. This was after he had tested positive for COVID.

CNN chastised him for using what they defined simply as a “horse dewormer,” which Rogan managed to get the network’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, to admit was something they never should have said.

Not content, Lemon continued arguing that CNN was right in defining ivermectin as a “horse dewormer” despite the products for animals being different than those for humans.

“When you’re saying something,” Rogan responded to Lemon, “and then the person you’re saying it about has literally tens times the audience you do, you dumb motherf***** …”

“Do you know what you did? You just proved my point.”

CNN’s situation isn’t all bad. Even with the terrible ratings, there is still hope.

Donald J. Trump offers hope in the shape of one.

Former President indicated time and again that it was possible for him to run again in 2024. However, he noted one drawback.

Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld, in an interview with Trump in September, quipped, “One problem with you running for president again is that you’re going to save CNN. You are aware of that.”

“That’s a problem,” Trump replied without missing a beat. “I am very proud of what I’ve done for them.”