Federal Employees Plan Rally In D.C. To Oppose Biden Vaccine Mandate

On Thursday night, the Supreme Court voted to block mandates regarding vaccines that were being administered by private corporations with more than 100 employees. 

However – the mandate for healthcare workers in Medicare and Medicaid funded facilities was upheld 5-4. Justices Roberts & Kavanaugh supported more liberal Justices Breyer and Kagan as well as Sotomayor.

The mandate for federal employees hasn’t gotten the warm welcome Biden had hoped for.

Federal employees are taking a stand against the government. On Thursday, a group called “Feds For Medical Freedom” announced they will be marching in protest of the Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates for federal employees.

“The March To Defeat The Mandates” will take place in Washington D.C. on Jan. 23. It is made up federal employees, firefighters, emergency responders, as well as medical professionals.

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The Idea Behind ‘Feds For Medical Freedom’

Joe Biden made an executive directive in September that required all federal employees be immunized. Feds For Medical Freedom emerged as a reaction to this order. A quick perusal of the group’s website explains that they believe that, “the government should not fire workers because of their health conditions or medically-informed health care decisions.”

The group’s statement on the website continues, saying,

“Now is not the time to abandon well-established laws regarding workplace discrimination, informed consent to use unlicensed vaccines, and individualized assessments by employers. Members of the Federal community work every day to ensure the nation’s laws are applied fairly to all citizens. Now, they are fighting the government to ensure the law is applied fairly to all federal workers.”

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Joe Biden Using COVID To Divide Americans?

Feds For Medical Freedom, and all those supporting them, are preparing to speak up. President Joe Biden appears to be trying to divide the country between unvaccinated and vaccinated.

He continues to use phrases like “pandemic of the unvaccinated” when we are seeing those who have been vaccinated contract the virus. Last month he also predicted a winter of “severe illness and death for the unvaccinated.” 

However, blaming and scaring Americans may not convince them to abandon their right to choose their medical care. The Feds For Medical Freedom website has over 20 active lawsuits against Biden.