2021 Saw Most Cops Killed Feloniously on the Job since 9/11

As a result, murder rates have risen. Cop-killing seems to be on the rise.

An op-ed from today’s Today’s Wall Street JournalChristopher Wray, FBI Director:

Keona Holley was a Baltimore police officer who was attacked while she was alone in her vehicle. She died the following Christmas. In Illinois, Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Riley died five days later during an emergency call. Bradley Police Department Sergeant. Marlene Rittmanic, a Bradley Police Department Sgt. Also on New Years Eve, Shane Bartek, a Cleveland Police Officer was attacked and killed while trying to steal a car.

The four killings raised the number of officers who were feloniously murdered in the line-of-duty in 2021 from 73 to be the highest number ever since the September 11 attacks. It’s equivalent to one officer dying every five working days. This 20-year record has not been given the proper attention in a year where homicides have reached alarming levels.

Especially troubling is that a record number of officers killed—nearly half—had no engagement with their assailant before the attack.

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