Watch: Nancy Pelosi Stumbles Off Podium At Memorial For Harry Reid

Nancy Pelosi fell as she left the stage to speak at the memorial for Senator Harry Reid. She was able to regain her balance once she grabbed the podium.

The House Speaker spoke at Reid’s funeral this past weekend.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stumbled off the presidential podium during Harry Reid’s funeral service in Las Vegas on Saturday, nearly taking a header in front of the mourners,” EAG News reports.

Pelosi is seen leaving the podium after she has made her remarks.

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Pelosi Plummets from the Podium

Even in such a somber setting, she couldn’t help but tell a lie.

“Few could rival Harry’s understanding of his senators, their states, their needs, their ambitions, and in all of our conversations I never heard Harry say an unkind word about any of his Senate colleagues, Democratic or Republican,” she claimed.

Reid famously disparaged Mitt Romney’s colleague in the 2012 presidential race, claiming that he had not paid any taxes for the previous ten year.

Reid never apologized for the lie and even defended spreading it saying, “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Reid also called former President Donald Trump “a racist.”

Barack Obama, who spoke later at Reid’s funeral and benefitted from Reid’s lie, was skeptical of Pelosi’s claim that Reid never said a bad word about anybody.

“I heard Nancy Pelosi say she never heard Harry say anything bad about any of his colleagues. I don’t know about that Nancy,” he said to laughter in the room.

Pelosi shared a video clip of her eulogy but cut out the bit where she was stumbling off the podium.

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Biden takes the Stairs

Look, it’s hard to pile on Pelosi for stumbling away from the podium when there’s so much material provided by the House Speaker that actually warrants discussion.

It was obvious that she had forgotten there was another step to go. We’ve all been there before, forgetting that step or thinking we’ve reached the last one only to have to recover in spectacular fashion.

Hell, I’ll give her credit for righting the ship without going down at the age of 81.

Trump could have done it, however, and there would be 24/7 coverage on health matters.

While Pelosi’s stumble is a common one, perhaps less common are the walking dead prance before being thrown in the back of a van like a slab of meat by Hillary Clinton.

The trip is also quite rare. UpPresident Joe Biden climbed the stairs three times consecutively

Former President Donald Trump’s gentle walk down a ramp at West Point in June 2020 spawned multiple media reports about his health.

There won’t be much media coverage of Pelosi’s near-fall from the podium.

The media, however, is not consistent in covering slip-ups like these.

On the same day they critiqued the way Trump walked down a ramp he claims was slippery, CNN also told viewers about “the awkward way Trump sipped water from a glass,” saying it too raised questions about his health.