Marco Rubio Says Democrats Want ‘Election Chaos’ To Ensure Victories

On Tuesday, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio discussed the Democrats wanting to to pass ‘voting rights’ legislation that would federalize elections, accusing them of wanting “election chaos” to guarantee victories for their party at all levels.

Rubio made his remarks during an interview on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

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Rubio On Dems’ Agenda: ‘This has to do with how can we federalize federal elections to create election chaos’

Rubio said, “My bigger concern is not just about the filibuster. It really is the law.”

“Let me say this plainly and simply and straightforward: There is no widespread effort to suppress minority voting rights in America,” Rubio said. “It’s nonexistent. It doesn’t exist, and this has nothing to do with this.”

Rubio stated that the Democrats want power.

“This has to do with power,” the senator continued. “This has to do with how can we federalize federal elections to create election chaos so that our lawyers can get in there after the election and finagle our way to victories in congressional seats, mayor’s races, state races, governor’s races, Senate races.”

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Rubio: ‘It would be a federal takeover of our elections’

“That is what they want to do, and that’s what this is about,” Rubio insisted.

He continued, “They filed this bill back in 2019. For years, they have been pressing for this. And what they want to do is to make it a federal law that you have to have ballot harvesting, that you have to have same-day registration … you can’t have voter ID laws — basically, they would make that the federal law.”

Rubio noted, “It would be a federal takeover of our elections.”

“And it is all designed simply for one reason, and that is the Democrats think they will win more elections if they can change the election laws in this country and have one election law for the whole country,” Rubio finished.