How Progressives Ruined American Cities

London Breed, San Francisco’s Mayor, declared a State of Emergency in Tenderloin, San Francisco, on December 17th 2021. This will increase police presence in this area of growing homelessness, addiction, and crime. 

She said that it was time to put an end to the reign of crime in a press conference. “It comes to an end when we are more aggressive with law enforcement & less tolerant of all the BULLSHIT that has destroyed our city.” After George Floyd’s assassination in 2020, Breed saw a dramatic turnaround. So calledFor “ending police use in non-criminal activities.”

Breed was harshly criticised by progressive politicians as well as groups such the Coalition on Homelessness. The move was criticizedAs an “expansion on strategies that have failed and been tried” to increase the stability and public health of those living in the streets. 

Michael Shellenberger is the controversial author of this new book. San Fransicko – Why progressives ruin citiesMayor Breed has renamed the new “tough loveApproach a “big step in the right direction.” Shellenberger is better known for being a pro-nuclear power environmentalist. Interview with The ReasonIn July 2020, to discuss his novel The Apocalypse Never: How Environmental Alarmism Hurts All.

Today, Shellenberger talks with guest host Zach Weissmueller about the homelessness crisis in America’s big cities, which the environmentalist says is actually an addiction-and-mental-health crisis enabled by progressive policies that permit open-air drug scenes on public property, prevent police from enforcing the law, and undermine the creation of a functional mental health system. Shellenberger speaks with Zach about his venture into social policies, his criticisms and suggestions for libertarian and progressive politics and how America’s large cities could clean up without infringing on civil liberties.