Don’t Ban Critical Race Theory. Legalize School Choice.

Glenn Youngkin was recently elected governor of Virginia partly due to his promise to end the teaching and use CRT.

Critical race theory is also known as CRT. It posits that all American institutions uphold white supremacy.

Youngkin won the surprise election, but it was mocked by the media for his complaints about CRT.

NBC’s Nicolle Wallace said that it’s not even taught in public schools. That is like banning ghosts! She laughed.

They are wrong.

Asra Nomani, journalist and filmmaker, reveals disturbing CRT lessons being taught in schools.

Nomani made Freedom of Information Act Requests to school districts that required them to disclose how they paid consultants to promote critical race theory.

Nomani says, “We discovered 300-plus contracts.” “Everyday, I receive a new contract. They will deny that it’s part of their campaign.”

Keziah Ridgeway (history teacher) says that CRT has an impact on how teachers learn. That’s right! She says. “Because the building blocks of this nation are racism and race.”

Really? Is this the building block?


America has a terrible history of racism. Some racism persists. However, it is not the only “building block.”

They want to see. AllNomani complains that racism is a way to divide society. It’s propaganda that claims our children.

Claiming children? “Claiming the children?” I respond. “That’s exaggeration.”

Some of her children’s books are part of some school curriculums, she said.

Woke BabyThis teaches students to be “a good revolutionary.”

A is for the ActivistThis is a Union Recruitment Manual. “M is for ‘Megaphones Marching.’…Hooray! May Day!

My Idea Is NotCalls “whiteness,” a bargain with the devil. This depicts a white woman with pointy hair and goat hooves. Then, it tells kids that “whiteness” is a deal with the devil and they must sell their souls to get “stolen country” and “stolen wealth.”

Anastasia Higginbotham says she created a book that allows white children to share their grief about racism.

Nomani states, “Just think if a white child were to be given a book that stated that blackness was a bad thing?’…Shame is used as a lever of control over people. You should not do it with your children.”

I believe that America has a long history of racism.

She said, “We need to face it.” America doesn’t have the sole right to ban racism. “I come from a country of people of color, and they are racist.”

India, India’s home country, was plagued by a caste system that lasted thousands of year.

The Middle East was the first place where slavery began. Slavery thrived in Africa before slavery was introduced to America. The practice was ended by Americans, along with the Brits and the French.

Americans today believe slavery is a invention of America.

Nomani calls this “state-sponsored education.” “It is a bigotry that they are teaching….It’s just so immoral. My name is a brown Muslim women, and I was brought here by an American immigrant. This country gives me more rights than any other Muslim country.

But they aren’t in a Muslim nation,” I insist. They’re still racist in America.

“But to suggest that this is all of America is as racist and bigoted…as being racist and bigoted against people of color,” she responds.

Nomani says that people need to be concerned about it because the taxpayers are financing this.

Conservatives would like to prohibit the teaching CRT. This is a bad idea. The government shouldn’t ban ideas and take choices from teachers. Student safety is protected when bans are placed on important subjects.

The legalization of school choice would be a better alternative.

Allow parents to donate tax money to schools We choose.