CBS’s Gayle King Says It’s Time to Live With Covid: ‘I’m So Tired Of Being Tired And Afraid’

This week, “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King said that she was “tired of being tired and afraid” of COVID-19. She also said that the time had come for Americans to “live our lives and navigate it.”

King made her remarks during an interview on Monday on CBS’s “The Late Show” with host, Stephen Colbert.

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Colbert Asks King, ‘Where Are You’ On COVID?

Colbert said to King, “Now, kiddo, we were backstage, and you hugged me when we got backstage. They hugged right now. Obviously, everyone’s gotten a nice hug from Gayle over here.”

“Are you nervous at all to do that at all?” Colbert asked. “After two years, where are you? I want to be good, but I’m a little exhausted.”

King replied, “I said, to Stephen, so I’m all vaccinated and boosted. He said it doesn’t matter. And that is what is so scary.”

Colbert shot back, “If you test positive, I have to stop the show.”

King responded, “There already are so many breakthroughs, so I am worried about that.”

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King: ‘I’m so tired of being tired and afraid of this. I am’

Then, she confessed her frustration with the matter.

“But you know what, Stephen? I’m so tired of being tired and afraid of this. I am,” King declared. “I think we all have to figure out how we can live our lives and navigate it. And that’s where I am.”

“I don’t want to go back home,” King stressed. “I don’t want to go back home.”

King added, “At CBS, we get tested on a regular basis. We are grateful to CBS for providing testing facilities that allow us to be tested regularly. But they said we have to have a contingency plan to go back into our homes.”

“So help me, Jesus, I would much rather run down Times Square buck naked than go back home. Buck naked, that’s what I would rather do than go back home,” the CBS News host finished.