San Fran Hospital Now Bringing Back COVID-Positive Staff Due To Staffing Shortage

As Americans are being told that the nation’s hospitals are being overwhelmed due to a surge in COVID-19 patients, in San Fransisco, California at least, the situation may not be as dire as people have been led to believe.

On Saturday, the California Department of Public Health announced that most hospitals and skilled nursing facilities will be allowed to bring COVID-positive staff members back to work without repeated testing and quarantines – so long as they are asymptomatic.

The venerable San Francisco Gate newspaper reports that the reason hospitals are overwhelmed right now isn’t due to masses of people sick with COVID.

Instead, the director of COVID response at the UCSF Medical Center says it’s because of “staffing shortages driven by overly strict state quarantine rules.”

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Recent Findings

California has some of the harshest COVID restrictions in the nation,  and new information is coming to light about the efficacy of those restrictions. Warnings regarding the Omicron variant in California have been severe, just like elsewhere in the country.

However, officials are now stating that hospitals are overwhelmed not due to the large number of infected COVID patients but because of serious staff shortages caused by the COVID restrictions.

Associate professor of emergency medicine at UCSF Dr. Jeanne Noble reviewed every chart for any patient who was COVID positive in hospital systems on one January day. Her findings were quite interesting. It was found that approximately 70% of COVID positive patients were admitted to hospital because they had another reason.

She explained the problem, “The real COVID crisis that our hospitals are facing is a severe staffing shortage that is compromising the quality of our care.”

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Noble also told Gate:

“The crisis from the Omicron peak is not generated by serious COVID illness in regions with highly vaxxed populations. We are experiencing a crisis in the Bay Area because of disruptive COVID policies which promote symptomatic testing, and then subsequent quarantines. … The vast majority of COVID-plus patients I take care of need no medical care and are quickly discharged home with reassurance.”

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CDC Revelation Appears To Back Up California Doctor

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky recently made an admission that appears to back up what UCSF’s Dr. Noble has been saying about what is happening in California with regard to hospital admissions.

Walensky revealed that 40% to 60% of COVID positive patients are actually hospitalized for other reasons during a Fox News Channel appearance. She also added that as many as 75% of COVID deaths in vaccinated patients had “at least four comorbidities.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper was equally shocked and challenged Sanjay Gupta to this information.

“If 40% in some hospitals – 40% of the people who have COVID don’t necessarily have problematic COVID – they’re there because they got in a car accident, they’re there because, you know, they bump their head, and they’re being included as ‘in the hospital with COVID,’ that number seems kind of misleading,”

Tapper continued, “We’re two years into this, and we need the clearest picture possible. If somebody’s in the hospital with a broken leg and they also have asymptomatic COVID, that should not be counted as hospitalized with COVID, clearly.”

This information suggests that there will be some adjustments to reporting and hospital policies.