Jim Acosta Calls Donald Trump The ‘Orange-Headed Love Child Of Rupert Murdoch And David Duke’

On Saturday, CNN host Jim Acosta said that former President Donald Trump was “the orange-headed love child of Rupert Murdoch and David Duke.”

The virulently anti-Trump Acosta made his remarks during a monologue on CNN’s “Newsroom.”

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Acosta Attacks ‘Sick’ Trump

Acosta’s comments came during a segment in which he criticized Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republican leaders who have suggested a “national divorce.”

Focusing on Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s recent attempt to walk back comments he had made calling the Capitol riot a “terrorist” attack, Acosta said, “Let’s be honest, a lot of these agitators, instigators, they’re not going to be doing the fighting themselves.”

“We’ve already seen what happens when the going gets tough for Senator Ted Cruz,” the CNN host said. “There won’t be a battle of Cancun. They can take our lives, but they can’t take our tequila.”

Acosta was speaking about a Cruz family trip to Mexico in the midst of a severe winter storm that hit Texas. This caused major power outages.

“No, these instigators will send others into battle,” Acosta insisted. “They’ll send our young adults, our teenagers, your teenagers, to do the fighting. Similar to any other war. What? Or should I say for whom?”

That’s when Acosta went full anti-Trump.

“The orange-headed love child of Rupert Murdoch and David Duke, who said this to one of his propaganda networks about the anniversary of January 6th?,” Acosta said of the former president, before playing a clip of Trump complaining that aerial footage of the January 6 crowd is never shown because “it was the largest crowd I’ve ever spoke before.”

Acosta followed up by saying, “He’s sick. That is sick.”

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Acosta Wants A DOJ Investigation Of Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

“And his party right now is changing state voting laws and running candidates who peddled the big lie to oversee elections all because of that deranged lunatic,” Acosta said. “The same party that barely showed up to commemorate the first anniversary of January 6th may win control of Congress this year and begin plotting to install trump as president in 2024. Yes, even if he loses again.”

Acosta believes that the Justice Department should “investigate the real case of voter fraud from 2020, Trump’s voter fraud, the way he and his cabal pressured state officials and his own vice president to steal the 2020 election and then cover it all up.”

“They didn’t want to stop the steal,” Acosta said, “they were doing the stealing.”