California State ‘Superintendent Of Equity’ Made $160,000 While Living In Philadelphia

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClearPolicy

Until recently, the California Department of Education paid Daniel Lee over $160,000 to serve as the state’s “Superintendent of Equity.” He was responsible for promoting social justice and racial equity within the California public school system.

However, it was the result of public outrage that he resigned on December 14, 2021.

One might think that high-ranking California officials would be able to reside or have at minimum a relationship with California. However, Daniel Lee had no residence in California, and instead lived in Philadelphia, Pa. for his entire tenure as Superintendent of Equity, according to Politico.

California Dept. of Education says that staff can “live elsewhere only under rare circumstances where out-of-state residency is required for the job,” but never explained why an exception was made for Mr. Lee. Politico reviewed the resume of Lee, but could not find any previous work experience or connections to California schools districts.

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Lee had very little experience with diversity, equity and inclusion. Lee is also a psychologist and life coach. However, he never held an official equity position.

Finally, California Dept. The California Department. of Education did not post the job as it is their usual procedure.

California hired a Philadelphia psychologist to head their equity initiatives. Although there is much to be learned about his hiring process, we know that Lee has been good friends with Tony Thurmond (the State Superintendent of Public Instruction).

Both of them used to be social workers together in Philadelphia. Lee even attended Thurmond’s wedding.

While Thurmond denies nepotism played any role in Lee’s hiring, the people of California deserve qualified leadership, and they certainly deserve more transparency.

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