The Wall/El Muro

The Wall/El Muro, a brand new exhibition at Washington’s National Building Museum, explores the border barrier issues in an unbiased and nonideological way. Placards invite attendees to question each other. This suggests that the aim is to stimulate a discussion with facts and not push for a narrative.

This exhibit shows famous walls from history like the Great Wall of China or the Berlin Wall. The exhibit recognizes that border ideas are not new. It’s evident that Americans are also afraid of foreigners, as shown by the timeline of U.S. immigration policies. Large sums of money have been used to stop people crossing the border into the United States long before Donald Trump became the president.

Also, you will learn that the border crackdown has kept would-be immigrants in permanent undocumented states and caused an increase in the deaths of attempted crossings.

You can decide what a better policy would look like. It is evident that the debate about national borders and their meanings will continue well into the future.