The “Tipsy Coachman Rule” (in Florida)

The majority of courts believe that “if the trial court comes to the correct result but it is not for the right reasons”, the judge will uphold the decision if the evidence supports the verdict. It is called the “tipsy Coachman rule” by Florida courts. Jenny Wilson provided the tip.

Although it appears that the Georgia case was responsible for the creation of this rule, its label did not stick in Georgia. This is the source of the rule’s explanation. Lee v. Porter (Ga. 1879):

A judgment may be affirmed based upon a theory or fact that did not exist to the court rendering it. In many cases, the human mind can be so constructed that it is impossible to deny a judgment. Find the TruthIf you’re completely incapable of The way to successThat is what leads to it.

“The pupil impuls, it forc’d him along.
He is still correct in his conduct, but his argument is wrong.
Yet, we still aim for honor and fear to wander
After the coachman became sluggish, the chariot was driven home.

It is a passage from the poem. Retaliation Oliver Goldsmith wrote this poem as part of an 1770s rap battle in which a group writers knew each other and railed against one another with epithets. The one aimed at William Burke (a member of parliament, possibly a relative to Edmund Burke and “one the pretended authors of Junius’s”) Lettered.”

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By the way, the immediately preceding epithet was for Edmund Burke and started:

Our good Edmund is here, his genius was so.
It’s hard not to praise, and it is easy to blame.
Who was born to the universe and narrowed his mind?
To party forego what was intended for humanity:
Yet, he is full of learning but straining his throat.
To get Tommy Townshend’s vote
But he continued refining his craft, even though he was too deeply sunk for his ears.
They thought they were being convincing while thinking about dining.
All things may be equal but all things must be unfit.
Too proud to be called a statesman and too nice to be called a statesman.
A patriot is too cool for me; a drudge is disobedient.
They are too attached to the idea of pursuing the expedient.

Tommy Townshend, which is most likely the MEP after whom Sydney, Australia, was finally named, may be referred to. Coming soon: Lin-Manuel Miranda, The Musical.