The Bigger Problem With The Hamilton Performance At the Capitol On January 6

Yesterday’s ceremony at Capitol marked the first anniversary on January 6, 2021. Lin Manuel Miranda was invited by Speaker Pelosi, along with cast members. HamiltonTo perform “Dear Theodosia”, click here

Aaron Burr performs this song, one of the best in the show. Burr was indicted by the Jefferson Administration for treason. According to certain accounts, Burr was actually responsible for a plot to invade North America and take over the American government. It is not clear what the history of this event looks like. The history is muddy. Trump v. VanceThis was the background that Chief Roberts presented. Celebrating an accused insurrectionist for January 6 is, however, not appropriate symbolism.

Hamilton is a musical that I love. It was performed on Broadway, but I only saw it with Miranda as my understudy. It was extremely disconcerting that the actor who normally played Madison as Hamilton took on the role. Miranda also signed my pocket Constitution in 2018 at the Supreme Court.