Americans Aren’t Buying Biden’s Agenda

The new year often feels like an opportunity to correct past mistakes—for example, improving one’s diet or quitting smoking. This is why 25% of Americans and 40% of Americans under 30 make resolutions for the New Year. The latest polls from YouGov and The Economist suggest that the Biden government should also make a resolution for the New Year. It should reexamine its domestic policies agenda. It isn’t popular with Americans.

YouGov is an internationally recognized research and data analysis group with its headquarters in London. The pollsters surveyed 1,500 Americans about the current state of the economy and the COVID-19 pandemic. The results show that most people don’t feel happy right now.

Only 23 percent said the country was heading in the right direction when asked, while 62% think it’s on the wrong path. Black Americans are happier than others, 38 percent responding yes to the question, compared with 22 percent for Hispanics. These opinions also show a slight gender gap: 33% of college graduates of color are positive that the country is moving in the right direction while 22% of college grads of colour have this optimistic outlook. Of all white non-college graduates of all ages, just 17 percent are pleased with the country’s current course.

Not surprisingly, Trump voters are divided with 91 percent believing that the country has gone in the wrong direction. Biden voters have a more split opinion: 40% believe that the country is headed in the right direction while 39% believe it’s heading in the wrong directions. 22% aren’t sure.

This doesn’t bode well for the government heading into next year’s midterm elections. In particular, only 22% of Americans feel that the current economy state is good or excellent. It is “poor” for forty percent.

It is significant because 96 percent Biden voters believe that the economy and job market are important issues. The issue also ranks third, after climate change or health care. With inflation at levels not seen since 1982, the poll also shows that inflation worries many Biden voters.

This fear is only going to increase. The administration prefers blaming the surge in prices on corporations, especially in the oil industry, rather than on its own policies—like the unnecessarily extravagant $2 trillion COVID-19 relief bill that passed in January 2021 and flooded the economy with fresh cash. As a result of such large-scale government expansions, more spending will be required and tax increases will follow. 88 percent Biden voters agree that these two issues are important.

Biden stated that this is a federal problem and proposed a solution. Yet, his administration has committed to providing a legal dubious mandate regarding vaccines for private employers. The reason for this could be that, while Americans have a split on the requirements of private employers asking proof of vaccination, 83% of his voters support it.

This poll may also explain Biden’s contradictory support of in-person education. While more people oppose the requirement of proof of vaccination for in-person classes, women support such measures better than men. Five-seven per cent of Americans oppose the requirement of proof that a booster is needed to be admitted for in-person class.

This data suggests that there are obvious solutions Biden and his team could consider. The overwhelming majority of Americans believe 2021 is one of the most disastrous years in American history. This means that the president and his party cannot afford to keep going down the same path.

The truth is that most Americans do not keep their New Year’s resolutions. They quickly slip back to old ways. It is at the Administration’s own risk if it follows such a pattern.