Andrew Yang Wants To Break the Two-Party System

America’s biggest group of voters is the independents.

People referred to themselves as Republicans less after George Bush’s presidency. People referred to themselves as Democrats less after Obama’s election.

Which independents will vote?

Andrew Yang hopes that they will vote for him.

My latest video features the ex-Democrat explaining why he founded the Forward Party.

“Our country is polarized and getting worse all the time…seeing each other as mortal enemies…I’m committed to doing everything I can to help change it.”

A book has been written about it. Forward.

Yang, in comparison to many politicians is quite refreshing. Yang is against censoring what people say. Saturday Night LiveA comedian who called Yang a Jewish Chink fired him. Yang tells me, “I didn’t think that was right…he’s a comedian. He is a comedian.

Yang also said other things that presidential candidates do not say. Yang stated, “Running as president requires qualities that make you a horrible leader.” You make false promises [and]Regularly claim power you don’t have.

As an example, he cites worker training. Governments keep funding expensive job training—the federal government alone has 43 retraining programs, but they almost never work. Many promise computer-coding jobs, but Yang points out, “If you actually go to a town that had the plant close, you find no one working as a coder….People walk out with valueless certificates and no job.”

Yang’s attempt to help the people through a universal income basic, could be worse.

Yang would just give each adult $1,000 per month. The United States is in financial trouble and Yang would simply give every adult $1,000 per month.

Yang’s UBI would not replace any existing welfare programs [Charles Murray’s proposal]So a drug user can just get $1,000 to snort and request more assistance. This would make lazy people more lazy. When I was younger, people like me.

Yang tells me that if I was able to have free money I would not have overcome my stammering nor worked as hard. It is not having it…drove me.”

He replies “I am a data guy”, claiming that more people would set up businesses. It makes it more likely that you will take on a risk if you have a fallback.

What cost? Already we can see the effects of government’s reckless stimulus: inflation has reached its highest point in forty years. Yang’s UBI could give away four-times that amount Everywhere year.

An alternative proposal from the Forward Party is to file automatic taxes.

Yang says Yang is complaining that “we waste so much of our time figuring out how to pay taxes.” “It’s stupid.”

True. You may receive a bill, or a refund from the government in some countries. While you have the right to dispute the results of your tax return, you may file taxes in under a minute if you do not.

Yang says that automatic filing is not available in the USA because Intuit has made too much profit from TurboTax. It lobbied”—actually, H&R Block and others lobbied, too—”and said, no, no, no! [You]You can’t automatically do it!”

Yang speaks out on other things that are more sensible than what Democratic politicians often say. In the midst of the anti-police protests last year, Yang was shouted at by activists who opposed the defunding of the police. He stood firm.

Yang owns businesses and doesn’t make anti-capitalist statements.

He is a normal politician, but he does not act like one often. He gush over Harris and Biden at the Democratic National Convention. He said, “You are just sucking up!” He listens to me.

Yang responds, “I was open to doing or saying whatever would help Trump get out,”


Yang said that Trump “was erratic,” and was not leading in a good direction.

Yang and his party are a welcome addition to my life. There are many options. Yang is decent and brings new ideas to the table.

Unfortunately, Yang’s ideas can be disastrous.

He considers climate change “an existential threat”. He calls for every gun owner’s re-registration every five years. Although he wants assault weapons to be banned, he can’t identify them. He advocates government-funded journalism.

But, at the conclusion of our interview we all agreed on one thing:

Yang concludes, “We can clearly see the direction our country’s going.” We deserve better than this.