‘America First’ Has Answers for U.S. Crisis Of Confidence

Steve Cortes, RealClearPolitics

The majority of Americans start 2022 with anxiety and fear. During President Biden’s first year in the White House, societal anxiety surged, including among voters who identify as independents and Democrats. According to the latest Axios/Momentive survey of year-end surveys, 2021 was characterized by a 50% increase among independents in their fear for 2022. Democrats weren’t much more sanguine. As their party won control of Congress and the White House, Democrats began 2017 with a sense of optimism. Only 19% of Democratic voters were worried about 2021. By year’s end, that number had surged to 45%.

Reflecting this dour assessment, the RealClearPolitics polling average of Joe Biden’s approve/disapprove ratio also receded sharply for the last year, from a stellar 20-percentage-point surplus in his favor on Inauguration Day, to a minus- 10-point rating.

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In this context, Republicans are naturally more positive about the midterm election. But taking nominal control of Capitol Hill won’t be enough. Are Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and their lieutenants content to stop the progressive, socialist-inspired agenda? Or will they boldly implement a full-throttle populist nationalist “America First” agenda?

This requires focus and not scattershotting. Next Republican-majority Congress needs to focus intensely on just a few of the most urgent issues. This is where the populists will be able save everyday Americans from being abused by the oligarchs as well as their handmaidens within both major political parties.

Inflation is the first problem. This is the factor that explains the 30-point approval swing that has buried Biden’s White House in a matter of months. Inflation is, essentially, a tax — and a highly regressive one at that. Americans are fearful of losing their wealth as they see the effects of inflation on their daily lives. This is despite decades of limiting inflation. Biden’s eight-month-long decline in real wages has been a constant.

Predictably, the most affected by inflation are the working class. A Gallup poll has shown that 71% of modest income earners earning $40,000 per year consider inflation to be a serious or moderate hardship. However, just 2% of those earning more than $100,000 per year cited inflation as severe hardship. Quinnipiac’s November Quinnipiac Survey found that Biden had a slightly positive opinion of the economy from those who have college degrees (50-49%). Biden’s approval rating among those without a college degree is only 20%, and disapproval levels are 74% to 7.4%. This large gap can be explained by inflation.

Which solutions are needed? For starters, stop unfair labor competition so that workers have a chance to keep pace with the soaring prices of Biden’s inflation surge. Stop allowing illegal immigrants to waltz in America without being vetted and under false pretenses of asylum.

For our citizens, end obstacles to work, including the administration’s capricious and unscientific workplace vaccine mandates.

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Revert to previous pro-energy policies: Oil pipeline construction, revitalized drilling and aggressive exploration of government lands, so Americans can enjoy cheap, plentiful domestic fuel.

For the longer term, carry on President Trump’s efforts to demand fairness and reciprocity when entering into trade agreements with China. If elected America First president in 2024 then change the tax and tariff policies to force the re-export of American production, particularly in vital industries such as medicine and semiconductors.

However, it is not enough to heal the entire economy.

The society is also suffering from a disease of the soul. Millions of Americans are intimidated and silenced by the ruling class elites. They insist that they believe basic myths such as the existence of many genders. It’s high time for politicians to speak publicly the way the vast majority of Americans speak privately regarding hot-button cultural issues.

According to a Rasmussen poll, 75% believe that there are two types of human beings. Only 18% of Americans believe in more than one gender. Yet, that tiny minority is responsible for education policy and almost all cultural decisions for the society. This makes it clear that the vast majority of Americans are hopeless bigots who refuse to accept the fact of humankind as male or female.

The America First agenda should include this topic for election, beginning with school boards and going all the way up to the U.S. Senate. Radical teachers and unions must stop sexualizing children as well as indoctrinating them using unscientific, gender-fluid psychobabble. Public buildings and funds should be prohibited from supporting such crimes as drag-queen storytimes for children. Make illegal the infiltration of girls’ and women’s sports by biological males.

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Protection is the common thread between these issues. The powerful are working together to subjugate the masses via cultural and financial repression. Citizens in both these areas can only be protected by the populist, nationalist movement. This year’s great movements should be focused on restoring wages and gender sanity.

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