What We Got Right and Wrong About 2021 (and What We Predict for 2022)

Roundtable on Reason It’s back! The pandemic is back!



19:50: Weekly listener question: Please help me understand. Anthony Fauci heads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Because of his position, he is almost completely without any statutory authority. He cannot make anyone do anything. As White House adviser, his responsibility is to provide advice. That’s it. Although he has both the moral authority and intellectual authority to lead his agency through the AIDS crisis, he cannot give orders that must be followed. So, why is he so hesitant to give orders? ReasonHe was cast as the comic-book supervillain by some of his writers (maybe not all). It is not just government agencies that are responsible for this crisis, but also the people who obstructed solutions and used it to their advantage. Bravo for taking responsibility and calling them out. This man has become the object of vilification when all he does is to offer suggestions.

31:05: 2022 predictions!

57.34: Media suggestions for the week. Click here to see all the Roundtable(Never forget about’s media suggestions.

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