Crime to Sexually Proposition, Knowing It’s Likely to Annoy, Offend, or Alarm

Simply got here throughout this statute (solely by my analysis, I swear!); it has been round since 1985:

An individual is responsible of sexual harassment [a misdemeanor] when … [t]he particular person suggests, solicits, requests, instructions, importunes or in any other case makes an attempt to induce one other particular person to have sexual contact or sexual activity or illegal sexual penetration with the actor, figuring out that the actor is thereby more likely to trigger annoyance, offense or alarm to that particular person.

Examine the Delaware common ban on “harassment,” which covers another sorts of communications however requires an intent (i.e., “aware object”) to harass, annoy, or alarm and never mere data of the chance that the conduct could be annoying, alarming, or offensive.