The Year’s Highlights in Blame Shifting

In Donald Trump’s second impeachment case, his lawyers said that Trump did not bear any responsibility for the January 6 riot which disrupted the counting of Joe Bidens electoral votes. “The breach at Capitol was prepared several days before,” they claimed. That meant violence did not stem from Trump’s incendiary speech of January 6th, where he encouraged his supporters to “fight as hell” and to “stop the steal.”

The defense ignored months of Trump’s promotion of the myth that systematic election fraud had denied him his rightful victory. This was an excellent example of blame shifting. Although it was difficult to surpass Trump’s audacity, there were some notable attempts in 2021.

Fiscal incontinence is a disease which causes financial problems. Congress and President Biden continue a spending spree to finance federal debt that started during Trump’s administration. The $2 trillion American Rescue Plan Act supporters blamed the coronavirus. However, many of its provisions weren’t directly related to the pandemic.

Rising prices trigger excuses.Economists cautioned that the spending of trillions on “relief,” stimulus and infrastructure would lead to inflation. This rate was 6.8 percent in November, making it the highest since 1982. Biden blamed profiteering and suggested that more spending was the answer.

The effect of the bystander. Derek Chauvin (an ex-policeman from Minneapolis) was convicted last April of killing George Floyd. Chauvin claimed that he was distracted at the complaints made by horrified witnesses who were objecting to his brutality. The lawyer for Chauvin stated that the witnesses, who were only equipped with smartphones and had never threatened violence, caused Chauvin and his fellow officers to divert their attention away from Mr. Floyd’s care. Floyd.”

It is a suicide attack.Gabriel Eduardo Olivas diduse himself in gasoline. But it was the cops that finished the job. According to one report, an officer shouted that if they tased him “he was going to light on fire!” That warning was ignored by two Arlington police officers who set fire to Olivas’ home and caused his death. The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled, in February that Olivas’ reckless reaction was appropriate, given the danger he posed to his life.

Liability coverage for driversAfter Sgt. Randy Flegel hit Maser accidentally with a police car. Jenna Holm was allegedly driving off the road when she allegedly threatened officers with a machete. However, Holm was eventually subdued by police and was lying down on the ground. Flegel then drove into Maser who was trying to get her handcuffed. In September, Holm was cleared of the manslaughter charges.

Voters must not be racists. Glenn Youngkin, a Republican neophyte, won an unexpected victory in Virginia’s gubernatorial elections. This was largely due to anger over Terry McAuliffe’s position that parents shouldn’t have any say in how their children learn in public schools. McAuliffe’s supporters blamed racists for not being able to deal with the anger that underlies this sentiment.

Drug kingpins can be freed. As the number of drug-related deaths rose to record levels, politicians blamed opioid producers, pharmacists and other “transnational criminal organisations”. Their role in making drug misuse more hazardous was not recognized by them. They made it easier for traffickers to get high-potency drugs and forced consumers to depend on unspecified black market products.

Prohibiting privatized abortions S.B. S.B. Chief Justice John Roberts voiced dismay at the state’s attempt to bypass pre-enforcement review and federal court oversight. He asked, “Whether a state can escape accountability for its laws in this manner?” It turned out that the answer was “yes” and should cause concern for even those who are against abortion.

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