The Year’s Highlights in Blame Shifting

His attorneys argued during Donald Trump’s second impeachment hearing last February that he was in no way responsible for the January 6 riot which disrupted the counting of Joe Bidens electoral votes. “The breach at Capitol was prepared several days before,” they said. According to his lawyers, this meant that the violence was not related to the Trump’s inflammatory speech on January 6, during which he exhorted supporters to fight like hell and stop the theft.

This defense ignored the fact that Trump had spent months promoting his fantasy of systematic electoral fraud denying him victory. It was a stunning example of blame shifting. Although it was difficult to surpass Trump’s audacity, there were some notable attempts in 2021.

Fiscal incontinence is a disease which causes financial problems. Congress and President Biden maintained a federal debt-financed spending spree which began under the Trump administration. The $2 trillion American Rescue Plan Act supporters blamed the coronavirus. However, many of its provisions weren’t directly related to the pandemic.

Rising prices trigger excuses.Economists warn that trillions of dollars spent on stimulus, “relief” and infrastructure will feed inflation. The rate reached 6.8 percent in November, its highest level since 1982, according to economists. Biden blamed profiteering and stated that the only solution to inflation was spending more.

The effect of the bystander. Derek Chauvin was an ex-police officer from Minneapolis who was convicted of the murder of George Floyd. He pinned him to the ground for nine and half minutes. Although the witnesses had only been equipped with their cellphones, and did not make any threats of violence to Chauvin or his coworkers, Chauvin’s attorney stated that they made Chauvin and his associates “divert from Mr. Floyd.”

It is a suicide attack.Gabriel Eduardo Olivas sprayed himself with gasoline but the police were able to finish the task. According to one report, an officer shouted that he would set himself ablaze if he was tased. Two Arlington officers set ablaze Olivas’ house and killed him, disregarding the warning. The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled, in February that Olivas’ reckless reaction was appropriate, given the danger he posed to his life.

Liability coverage for driversAfter Sgt. Randy Flegel struck him accidentally with a cruiser police vehicle. Jenna Holm, who allegedly tried to threaten police with a machete, had already driven off the roadway and fled the scene. But, she was stopped by officers and laid on the ground. When Flegel pulled into Maser’s driveway to arrest her, he was wrongfully accused. The manslaughter case against Holm was dismissed by a judge in September.

They must vote for bigots. Glenn Youngkin (Republican neophyte) won unexpectedly in Virginia’s gubernatorial race because he was angry at Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat who claimed parents should not have control over what is taught to their children in public school. McAuliffe, his supporters and others blamed racism for the frustration that was behind this sentiment.

The drug warriors are free from all responsibility. As the number of drug-related deaths rose to record levels, politicians blamed opioid producers, pharmacists and other “transnational criminal organisations”. Their role in making drug misuse more hazardous was not recognized by them. They made it easier for traffickers to get high-potency drugs and forced consumers to depend on unspecified black market products.

Prohibiting privatized abortions S.B. S.B. Chief Justice John Roberts was dismayed at the “unprecedented” attempt to avoid pre-enforcement review in federal courts and asked “whether a state could escape responsibility for its laws so systematically.” This was the correct answer. Even conservative abortion opponents should be concerned by its implications.

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