Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bill de Blasio, a Terrible Mayor on Every Issue He Tripped Over

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is a pompous politician who will be leaving at the end the year. What better time than now to wish the mayor good luck in the Bronx?

It is tempting to focus only on de Blasios seven-year tenure. Inadvertently killing a groundhogGroundhog Day You can dress up as Spock in the Starfleet Blue Uniformby calling himself Captain Kirk Hitting his favourite gymWhile rest of the city was placed under COVID-19 lockdowns. 

However, you would miss some of the incredible failures and hypocrisies in his policies.

De Blasio ran on an expansive, progressive platform emphasizing economic inequality and promising better police relations. De Blasio, a hapless politician, managed to alienate NYPD rank-and-file officers and anger advocates for police reform. De Blasio’s Office is similar to previous administrations. Expanded and defendedPolice secrecy laws prevented misconduct files and other records being made public by keeping them hidden. He told the story of giving Eric Garner’s biracial son “the talk” regarding police after Eric Garner was killed. This angered police unions. Mayor Bloomberg never forgets the bittersweet feeling of NYPD officers He will turn your backTwo cops were killed in a shooting accident. In all the years to follow, he was content being the NYPD’s doormat.

De Blasio, for example, didn’t really have anything to say about last summer when the NYPD was captured on video in numerous instances attacking and clubbing protesters. It was a weak excuse. He had never seen them.Any one of the viral videos which were being released nightly. 

This all wouldn’t be so galling—every other New York City mayor in recent history has done the same—if de Blasio wasn’t on the record decrying this very sort of thing.

Prior to becoming mayor, de Blasio served as New York City’s public advocate. This elected post acts as an ombudsman, watchdog, or, in more truth, for an aspirant pol to attack the incumbent mayor. De Blasio ReleasedA transparency report card on compliance by New York City agencies with New York State’s Freedom of Information Law. It was found that around 10% of city agency requests were just ignored. For its inability to respond to nearly one third of requests for public records, the NYPD was given an “F” rating.

But, after de Blasio’s election as mayor, the high-minded concern about accountability and transparency vanished. He Tried to hideHe and his adviser exchanged thousands upon thousands of emails. He and his adviser exchanged thousands of emails. The NYPD continued to violate New York’s Freedom of Information Law willfully. This was often supported by the mayor’s offices in court. 

The New York City Department of Investigation started investigating whether de Blasio had used his security detail for political and personal purposes. ConclusionThe NYPD officers tried to stop the investigation (which he did).

Just about all other issues were rebuffed by the mayor Reason He cares. He cares about. longstanding vendetta against charter schools. He I loathe the idea of private propertyAnd Threatened to seize landlords’ buildings. “Look, if you had your druthers,” he said once.

(Meanwhile: In 2018, the Justice Department suedNew York City Housing Authority claimed that New York City officials conspired with the City to conceal squalid conditions at public housing developments. Includes hiding tests results for lead paint exposure.)

De Blasio’s run for the presidency was a lighthearted moment. While it is difficult to pinpoint the highlight of de Blasio’s embarrassing 2020 presidential campaign but, for me, that was his trip to Miami. Che Guevara was approvingly quoted.

De Blasio’s candidacy to be a candidate was so badly planned and poorly executed that it cost him his job. New York City: Polled at 0 Percent. Although New Yorkers are a glutton for punishment in terms of electing mayors they don’t wish to inflict de Blasio upon the rest.

This was just before de Blasio’s management of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Threatened to arrest Hasidic Jewsto attend the funeral service of a rabbi. Who could forget the day he was born? It has been repeatedly statedContrary to all evidence, and much to the dismay of the health department, only symptoms could carry the virus.

Only when he was mocking a disgraced New York Governor were his only genuine moments of political intelligence. Andrew Cuomo was a thin-skinned troll and fellow authoritarian, who could not resist taking the bait.

De Blasio’s “progressive”, tendencies manifested only in the authoritarian diktats against New Yorkers that weren’t strong enough to resist. His interest was not in fighting against the injustices committed by the government that he purportedly controlled. Bill de Blasio’s best quality was his ability to have a good time. However, the joke was too much before he was expelled from Gracie Mansion. Goodbye, and goodbye.