90% of Chicago Public School Teachers Would Go Back to Virtual Learning

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, Chicago public school teachers have said they would be happy to resume remote work despite the frustrations that virtual learning has caused for so many children and parents. Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), also has the option to strike.

Union members were surveyed about their willingness to strike at in-person employment when school resumes in January. Around 89 percent of those surveyed agreed that they would. A virtual meeting was held on Tuesday and 91 percent of union members voted for the remote-work initiative.

“If [Chicago Public Schools]Doesn’t require a time of remote instruction after winter break. Are you ready to take part in remote-work actions as soon as possible? The two polls were completed.

Teachers are understandably concerned by the rapid rise in case numbers. However, moving to virtual school again would cause untold harm and be a complete betrayal for working families. This is why President Joe Biden as well Education Secretary Michael Cardona insist that schools must remain open in spite of the micron wave. Closing schools can be very costly. Young people are left to learn in virtual environments and often fail to grasp the basics. it’s clear that Zoom education has contributed to significant learning losses, particularly among minority and low-income kids—they just don’t absorb very much information when they have to sit in front of their screens all day (if they show up at all).

Parents are often responsible for watching their virtual students, as they have many professional obligations. The vital role of physical schools is to provide daycare so parents don’t have to worry about hiring babysitters every day. Many people working don’t have the flexibility or resources necessary to take care of their at-home children. However, they must still show up for work every day, regardless of whether there is a pandemic. The same should be true of teachers: K-12 education is funded through tax dollars, and families deserve the full benefits of this compulsory public service.

CTU worked hard last year to ensure schools remained closed for as long as possible. Today’s evidence shows that vaccinations are widespread and schools should be open. In-person instruction is possible with little safety risk. Teachers’ unions who continue to fight against the urgent need for children to have an educational experience that is relevant and meaningful are undermining their credibility.

Although the COVID-19 new variants are extremely contagious it is still true that these vaccines provide incredible protection against death and severe diseases. The omicron version appears to be more dangerous. Teachers who get vaccinated have a great protection against negative COVID-19 outcomes. Additionally, they are able to teach alongside students (who also benefit from COVID-19 because of their youth).