Harry Potter Knew the Fake News Media Is the Enemy of the People

It is the 20th year since the initial release. Harry Potter Film, January 1st, HBO Max will air a special. Hogwarts is calling you backThe reunion includes interviews with members of the original cast. The reunion was missing one thing. Harry Potter J.K. Rowling is an author who speaks out on gender issues. She regularly raises concerns about the fact that transgender activists are erasing womenhood. It’s possible she is being attacked by progressives and that’s why the controversy has been omitted. The author was not mentioned by Warner Bros. or Rowling.

Rowling isn’t exactly conservative. In fact, she has described herself as center-left in her political views and supported the Labour Party and U.K. being a member of the European Union. She is at the very least politically open-minded, however her books frequently toy with libertarian ideas—most notably in the later entries, when the incompetence, corruption, and eventual outright authoritarianism of the Ministry of Magic (the wizarding world’s government bureaucracy) is on full display.

A long-time fan of these films and books but not a regular viewer, I have always been aware of how flattering Rowling depicted her fictional government. Surprisingly, I discovered another entity in my new world that has been brutalized. Harry Potter universe: The mainstream media. Watching these films again this month, for the first times in years I was struck at how many fake news stories were printed in the pages The Daily Prophet

It Prophet It is used as the primary source of news by wizards and witches in England. The paper is distributed by Owls daily to nearly all magic folk, teens included. Harry and his friends receive it while having breakfast at Hogwarts. It’s the wizarding universe’s equivalent of mainstream media, and it also contains lies and propaganda.

This is the fourth book, and this film. Harry Potter, The Goblet of Fire and Harry PotterThe newspaper assumes a role as a tabloid. Rita Sketer was a top reporter at the newspaper. ProphetShe interviews Harry about participating in the magic tournament. Falsely, she also claims that Harry is in a relationship with his best friend Hermione.

This is not the end of it. The Daily ProphetThese are some of the most egregious failures. The fifth film and book. Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixThe newspaper sided with the government and openly supported the Ministry of Magic’s attempts to make Harry, and Albus Dumbledore his mentor at Hogwarts, look like conspiracy theorists. Harry, his friends, and Voldemort know the truth, but it is not inconvenient to the Ministry. Therefore, the media uses every means possible to portray Harry as insane. Examples of headlines: “Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lied” Dumbledore: Does he seem daft, or dangerous?

The villain Voldemort takes over government power and installs a puppet Minister in the last novel. The Daily Prophet Voldemort’s fascist agenda is supported by the publication. Alternative media outlets take on the task of covering actual news about Voldemort’s evil agenda and Harry’s resistance. The QuibblerXenophilius LOVEGOOD, Harry’s father, edits the newspaper. It has a poor reputation at the beginning of the series due to poorly sourced articles. But, towards the end it is the only paper that publishes truthful information about Voldemort. In fact, Harry relies upon his eyewitness accounts of Voldemort’s rise to give an account. The Quibbler to publish “Harry Potter Speaks Out At Last: The Truth About He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and the Night I Saw Him Return.”

Harry’s supporter also started a radio pirate program. PotterwatchThis site provides details about Voldemort’s attacks against non-magical people. Podcasts, contrarian newspapers, and other media are heroes in the journalism of wizarding. The mainstream media, according to one real-world mugger, is “the enemy for the people”.

The stars are many Harry Potter Films seem keen to play their parts in any potential sequel series, reboot or other similar projects. Here’s hoping! Potter Project 1) includes Rowling and 2) shows Rowling’s impartial outlook towards the news.