Isaac Asimov’s famous science fiction trilogy centers on the central conflict. FoundationThe state and science are inseparable. These books were created from short stories published between 1942- 1950. The story follows the formation of the Foundation, a scientific station that preserves knowledge in the face of the expected collapse of Galactic Empire. The book’s heroes are scientists who (sometimes grudgingly) learn they must practice politics—or at least work within its limitations—in order to survive.

FoundationThis lavishly produced Apple TV+ series is a more direct adaptation of Asimov’s novels. There are many new characters and plot elements. One of these includes a cloned Emperor who gets governing advice and training from younger versions.

This story is not as well-structured as Asimov’s earlier stories. These were more like intricate logic puzzles. It also doesn’t feel as satisfying. The story’s core theme is power and scientific inquiry, and how politics and objective truth invariably clash.