Karol Markowicz’s Escape From New York Should Worry Blue-State America

“I’m leaving New York City to go to Florida.” Self-confessed New York supremacist. New York PostColumnist Karol Markowicz wrote a widely-read article for Fox News. Although she was not pleased about the incident, she did not apologize. She was driven out by the cruel and arbitrary treatment that students received during the pandemic, which her husband and she had called their home for over a decade. Because they removed school during the pandemic, and I didn’t care enough about it,” she says. It was clear to me that this civilization does not value education. Even worse, it values education for their children, which can be in the form private pods and open private schools. However, it won’t do anything for the less fortunate.

Markowicz’s story isn’t the only one. Some 320,000 New Yorkers emigrated to Florida in 2020. Her family’s destination is Florida, where the cost of living is cheaper and the schools—and just about everything else—have stayed open during much of the past two years.

The story she tells is typical of the large number of people fleeing from big-population areas to move to Texas and Florida. California has lost a seat in Congress and people over the past year for the first time. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles stated that 51,108 New Yorkers emigrated to Florida in the period April 2020-2021. New York was surpassed in terms of population by Florida in 2014. The Sunshine State saw an increase of 14.6 per cent in the number of residents over the past decade. New York only managed a gain in residents of 4.2 percent. That is far below U.S. growth rate of 7.4 percentage. According to the most recent Census data, Florida has 21.8 million residents and New York 19.8 million.

Nick Gillespie hears Markowicz say, “It is absurd to live somewhere else.” “But, it turned out that the city hates kids and I cannot be part of that anymore.”