Biden’s Plan To Fight Omicron With Mass Testing Is Laughable Given the FDA’s Approval Failures

In a Tuesday speech, President Joe Biden advised Americans to not panic over the COVID-19 variant of the micron. He stressed that there was a solution and that mass testing is the best way to combat the current pandemic.Federal government to purchase half a Billion COVID-19 testing kits and will distribute them free of cost throughout the country.

Based on The Washington Post:

Biden stated, “This isn’t March 2020.” He was referring to pre-vaccine times of the pandemic, speaking from the White House State Dining Room. “Two hundred millions people have been fully vaccinated. We’re prepared. We’re more prepared.

While the president issued a serious warning to Americans not vaccinated that they have a “patriotic obligation” to do so, he also spent much of the speech reminding Americans that the country is equipped to prevent the worst from happening in the first months of the pandemic response.

Biden presented plans to increase coronavirus test sites in the United States, offer half-billion dollars of free tests at home, and to deploy federal health resources to assist hospitals that are struggling due to the new omicron strain.

This plan has one flaw. The testing won’t be completed until January. By then, the Omicron variant of the virus will already have ravaged the country. ReasonRonald Bailey.

The White House could have gotten to work on this plan a little earlier—as recently as two weeks ago, press secretary Jen Psaki mocked the idea of having the government send free tests to all Americans. Because of the speed and efficiency of their regulatory structures, COVID-19 test kits are much cheaper in other countries.

It’s not the fact that every American has received a test, but the White House is too slow. The real problem is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have stymied efforts to approve various cheap, rapid test options—a costly mistake that has led to thousands of preventable deaths.

New report from ProPublica Details the infuriating mistakes made by federal regulators. For instance, Irene Bosch, an MIT scientist, developed a reliable 15-minute test at the start of the pandemic that only cost $10—and would have cost even less if purchased in bulk. However, the FDA declined to approve it because the results were not as precise as the PCR tests.

Bosch failed to pass the test You are required To be accurate, it had to be affordable and simple to produce in mass quantities. For additional confirmation, anyone who tests positive for infectiousness could get a DNA test. Bosch’s test even measured the infectiousness of people who were positive.

David Paltiel from Yale School of Public Health said that one of the major problems is that although the FDA developed a roadmap of tests to give patients definitive answers on COVID-19 status, it did not create a system for fast tests for people who need frequent and quick evidence of their contagiousness.

Paltiel explained that “the former are infections tests; the latter, infectiousness tests.” “They both share the same regulatory pathway — a pathway that was designed with diagnostic testing in mind and is littered with requirements that make no sense for the purpose they serve.”

He said, “It is an outrage rapid tests are not dirt cheap and abundant on grocery store shelves.”

Meanwhile, the CDC thought it could invent its own, superior test—but government scientists screwed up the process, putting the country weeks behind the curve. Although testing could have helped slow the spread of COVID-19 in the long-term, the federal government declared it illegal to overwhelm the market with tests without clearing an unjustifiable regulatory burden. To ProPublica:

As ProPublica recently detailed, many companies with at-home tests have been stymied by an FDA review process that has flummoxed experts and even caused one agency reviewer to quit in frustration.

Although E25Bio’s test failed to detect as many cases of infection as the ones currently on market, it can still have been used for superspreaders. Warnings were made that even a negative result would not rule out infection. Experts suggested that this test would have been an important public health tool, if produced in large numbers in 2020 at a time when COVID-19 was still running wild in the United States.

Michael Mina, an epidemiologist, said that E25Bio was a good choice because there were no other choices. If we went to war and someone invaded us and we had lots of revolver guns and didn’t have the shipment, we’d pick up our revolver pistol. In an emergency, you do your best to help.

The government grabbed the revolver quickly and fired in the feet.

Every campus announces that the next semester is online. Starting at In Higher Ed:

The Universities of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and at Chicago announced that they will start the spring semester online. During some periods, students may be present on campus to take part in testing.

This is a UIUC rule to allow you to fulfill the COVID-19 testing requirements. The first week of class (Jan. 18 to 21) will be online. In-person instruction will resume Jan. 24.

The schedule at Chicago starts earlier, and so the first two weeks of classes (Jan. 10 to 23) will be online. Health science and other classes which must be met in person will have exceptions.

“This spring semester has not started as we had hoped; however, there is one consistency in COVID-19: its unpredictability,” stated Michael Amiridis (Chief of Chicago), and other administrators.

Kean University will “transition to predominantly remote work and classes effective Thursday, December 23, 2021, through Sunday, January 30, 2022,” the university announced. The spring term begins Jan. 18.

Gallaudet University announced that the first two weeks of spring semester classes will be online.

Even though the majority of college students are highly vaccinated, and therefore at low risk for COVID-19 infection, they have become an enclave of strict pandemic compliance. Even if this variant is mild, it will still be true of the omicron.

The Secret Service reports that criminals took $100 billion from COVID-19 relief funds.CNBC:

The fraudsters stole the funds from the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. They also used the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program program, and another program that was created to provide unemployment assistance funds throughout the nation.

According to the agency, more than 100 suspects have been arrested for stealing funds worth $2.3 billion. The government has shelled out about $3.5 trillion in Covid relief money since early 2020, when the pandemic began. …

Roy Dotson was appointed to his new position at the agency as Assistant Special Agent-in Charge. “I have been working in law enforcement since 1989 and done complex fraud investigations for more than 20 years. I have never seen anything like this,” said Dotson.

Interview with CNBC: Dotson said that the ability to get the funds makes it more difficult for criminals.

It’s clear that these programs are easily available online. He said that this opened up the possibility for criminal actors to enter that program. “It was important to help people who were really in need, without fault of anyone.

The government can give away trillions of dollars and it is clear that fraud, waste, or abuse will result. There were billions of dollars that were spent legally but in question: Media companies took their part, school districts got the money and used them for non-pandemic purposes.

  • Trump was happy to confirm that he received a booster shot, and then chided the vaccine-skeptical crowd for playing into Democrats hands.
  • The Department of Education vowedSchools should be kept open despite fears of microns.
  • Bill Gates saysDue to the spreading of the Omicron variant, he has decided to cancel his vacation plans.
  • U.S. populations have been devastated by the pandemic.
  • The University of Maryland allegedly assaulted a Muslim woman student. This appears to be a hoax.
  • OnlyFans CEO will be stepping down.
  • This concludes the 2021 Reason Roundup. We’re happy to report that Elizabeth Nolan Brown—now a mom!—will be back beginning in the new year. In the meantime, you can be happy, free and legalize heroin.