Liberals Predict ‘End Of Democracy,’ Collectively Meltdown Over Manchin Spiking ‘Build Back Better’

Liberals love to try to convince us that if we don’t do things their way, it will be the end of civilization itself, or something like that. The latest instalment of liberal doom is likely to be Sen. Joe Manchin (D.WV).

It will come not as a sign from God, or the rising of the seas or anything so “trivial.”

No, it will come from Manchin’s “no” stance on the “Build Back Better” spending legislation before the Senate. 

If you think I’m exaggerating, I am not.

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Manchin’s Consistency Has been a constant

No matter what your opinion is about Joe Manchin’s character, there is one fact that is certain: He has always stated clearly why he doesn’t support the Biden Agenda’s centerpiece legislation.

During his appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” he said to host Bret Baier, “I’ve always said this, Bret: if I can’t go home and explain to the people of West Virginia, I can’t vote for it.” 

Just a moment, Senators who can remember the names of those who elected him? Most people might dismiss this as mere politi-speak. However, it’s not his first statement about the bill.

It may not be the first time it has been said, but maybe this one is the best.

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But That Is Where The Sanity Ends For Manchin’s Colleagues

The left loses when it fails to make consistent and rational statements, such as being responsible for the citizens of your own state.

After Manchin’s declaration that he would be a “no” vote on “Build Back Better,” Manchin’s colleague, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) implied that Manchin was in the pocket of pharmaceutical companies. 

Far left squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was a tad more, shall we say, colorful, in her assessment of Manchin’s vote

Omar might have considered calling Manchin a racist if she was thinking, but Rep. Cori Bus (D-MO), her fellow squad member, already outsmarted her.

Bush pulled out the “race card” back in November. Because Joe Manchin was not going to see it that way, Bush did so. Bush called him, “anti-black,” “anti-child,” “anti-woman,” and last but not least, “anti-immigrant.”

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Media: Rational Thought is also non-existent

For the crowd at ABC’s “This Week” with George “Steffie” Stephanopoulos, it was like someone had just let the air out of their collective balloon. 

Social media liberals were on the verge of madness. MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan let loose a tweet about Manchin,

“What’s worse – that Manchin is killing the Biden legislative agenda, and perhaps the future of American democracy too, or that he wasted most of this year dragging this whole thing out to do it *and* wasted half of the time that Dems control Congress and the White House.”

Washington Post columnist and now apparently “former” conservative, Jennifer Rubin, warned that our Democracies are very important is “hanging by a thread.”

But it was the ever tolerant and caring Bette Midler who, even faster than may have been predicted, labeled Manchin’s West Virginia constituents everything but toothless hillbillies. 

But perhaps the “tweet of the day,” definite proof of the end of democracy as we know it, came from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell who also gave an excellent example of “the rules do not benefit us at this time so we must change them.”

This is just a quick reminder for Sen. Manchin: You aren’t leaving the party; the party is leaving you.

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