Kim Kardashian’s Love of Lower Taxes and Individual Rights Has Made Her Politically Homeless

Kim Kardashian, regardless of whether you like her or hate her, is an “influencer” in every sense of the term. A snippet from her interview with Bari Weiss struck me. New York TimesSubstacker turned staffer Asked if she identifies as a Democrat, Kardashian said: “I believe in the rights that the Democrats want, but I believe in the taxes that the Republicans want….I’m a mix of both.”

You can say it quite benignly. It should. About 4 out 10 Americans are political independents. It’s an issue in today’s media environment, which leaves little room for those who are politically marginalized. Instead, we are encouraged to follow a one-size fits all, polarized and nuance-free approach. Although her comment about Weiss isn’t getting much attention, it will be fascinating to see how it reacts.

Because if any woman can get away with saying that—and perhaps even teach people it’s OK to buck the status quo—it’s Kardashian, whose whole life in a lesson in how to leverage the media. Kardashian is more than just another one of many Instagram influencers; she’s the original.

Kardashian’s views on politics have long been tabloid gossip, especially since her husband Kanye West became a Trump supporter and Kardashian was married to Kanye. Kardashian was a controversial figure when she worked closely with Trump to reform criminal justice. Her efforts culminated in the release of Alice Marie Johnson who was a nonviolent drug offender and received a sentence of life imprisonment without parole. But many people took her willingness to associate with Trump as a blanket endorsement of everything he did—another indication of our broken, fragmented approach to both politics and media.

She told Weiss that she didn’t mind the criticism. “I mean, I would rather have my reputation than somebody’s life?” Don’t destroy me. It doesn’t matter to me. This was not an option.

Kardashian has been subject to a lot criticism over the course of her career. I believe a lot of it is due to the fact she reached omnirelevance with no traditional career path. She wasn’t a star or singer. She created something entirely new. influencing.

Although it is not new to be politically homeless, it is no longer fashionable. Kardashian is a celebrity who has made it fashionable.